Super Thin HDMI Cables. PNY & Rocketfish

July 7, 20120 Comments

Well, this may be the least sexy article I have written about. On second thought I really haven’t written anything sexy at all, but the topic of cables are somewhat bland. However when I found theses new super skinny HDMI cables I  dare to say I got kind of excited. Goes to show you how interesting I am! I was flipping through Mac World on my iPad and saw the PNY Smart Active High Speed HDMI cable. Amazon price is $19.76. That’s pretty cheap for a light weight cable.

The cable itself is as thick as an iPhone charger cable but not as rubbery so it’s a little stiffer. Not that it’s ridged by no means. The size and weight are fantastic! The PNY is 16 feet long and the Dimensions are .50″ h x 6.00″ w x 8.00″ l, .20 pounds. The cable is supposed to be connected  with a one way signal flow due to the chip. One end is labeled TV and the other HDMI. The TV end is twice as long but still shorter than the swivel head cable I have been using and the end is lighter so less stress on the input jack on the camera. Due to its length of 16ft I don’t see using it with an EVF or DP6 monitor attached to the camera. Its pretty long, but for when the monitor comes off the camera that’s when PNY will come in handy. On a jib or a slider with the SmallHD DP6 on a light stand will be great! I checked and no shorter version are available.

The second skinny HDMI cable I found was the Rocketfish Ultra-thin Active High Speed 5ft cable. Retails for $14.44 on Amazon. This one is perfect for on board monitors and EVF’s. The Rocketfish doesn’t require a way signal path. Five feet is very versital length and won’t get in the way. I would prefer a 3 to 4ft but not available in those lengths. Rocketfish also makes a Mini to HDMI if you have a GH2 or other devices that require the mini end.

As I said early this stuff isn’t sexy but it sure is handy to get your rig under control from clutter. HDMI cables are ridged and think. They always worry me that they will snap off and ruin my camera but with these light weight cables it sure makes me feel a little better.

Thanks for stopping by and If your interested in purchasing theses please use the links so I can get a few pennies from Amazon to help support my site.

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