My Former AF-100 Has A Great Second Life

July 26, 20130 Comments

Me And My Former AF-100

Me And My Former AF-100

I have sold a bunch a stuff on ebay and after a transaction is over and everybody is happy that’s the end of the contact I have with a buyer.  A few months ago I sold my AF-100 on Ebay to a nice guy. Brian Thomson. He contacted me after the sale and shared some very nice comments with me about how I helped him out with gear decisions and was a follower of this blog. I was touched because it feels good to know that I’m helping people with all the effort I put into So to see the camera I used to create some special spots and personal projects with in the hands of someone that I helped. Makes me fell good inside! Thanks Brian! You made my day!

Brian also shared a music video he directed with the AF-100 in New York. Here’s the email I got from Brian.

“I was intending to put it through its paces when I returned home to Rome, I ended up shooting a music promo with it while still here in New York. Turns out my 11 year-old niece is a really good singer, and her family’s been involved in rebuilding one of the towns that was wrecked by Hurricane Sandy. When I heard a song she’d recorded with her band teacher’s boyfriend, we decided to pool our talents and maybe raise a little money for relief work. I thought you might be curious to see how your old camera is (hopefully) doing some good!”

All the best,

Nice job on the video and I hope your efforts to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy are succsesful. Heres a link if you would like to also help out.



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