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September 2, 20130 Comments

A Happy Chef With His Paella

A Happy Chef With His Paella

I love to eat. Who doesn’t right? when I was a kid my mom showed me the basic around the kitchen and I took to cooking fast. Over the years I’ve pretty much become the guy in the family that makes the holiday meals and I love it! Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. A great time to be with your family and eat good food and drink good wine.

I’ve always wanted to write about food but not really a recipe type blog, I just wanted to share my cooking adventures and techniques. I love photography and shooting food while it’s cooking is really fun as well.

A good example for this crazy idea was yesterday we celebrated my wife’s birthday at our dear friends house and we made a Paella. It was a blast and it came out great. I took a few recipes and mashed them together with the ingredients we liked. No rules just making tasty food. I was taking pictures of the Paella cooking on the grill. That’s right we BBQ’ed the Paella! Worked perfect! That’s when it hit me. I should share this stuff. It’s fun! I already belong to a food group on Facebook and we have a blast sharing what’s cooking on a pretty frequent basis. Some of my best friends are also big into cooking. So here I am. A DP that has a blog/website dedicated to cinematography and now adding in a cooking section to it. I know it sounds crazy but why the heck not! I’m going to give it a try.

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