Fresh From Canada My Cinevate DUZI Slider Arrived. Pre-Review

February 20, 20142 Comments

Cinevate DUZI fresh out the box

Cinevate DUZI fresh out the box

I was thrilled!

The Fed Ex guy showed up and dropped of my Cinevate DUZI today! Only one problem. I had shoulder surgery and can’t play with it for several weeks. Booo! Well it’s amazing you can do with one arm so here are my first impressions of the DUZI by Cinevate and will follow up with a full review as soon as I can get back to shooting again. Believe me this shoulder thing is getting old real fast.

Why The DUZI?

A little background on why I bought the DUZI. I have two sliders, a IGUS home job and  a 3′ Kessler CineSlider. Both work well but they have a few issues. The Kessler is big and heavy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I bought it because at the time I was using bigger cameras like the Panasonic 370. My gear has shrunk in weight and the best part of that is so does camera support. The IGUS slider was good, but now fluid enough. It has served me well. I was hanging out on DVXuser and came across a thread on sliders. 

The DUZI can hold a lot of weight. Say… like the RED One! The DUZI is also very light making it way easier to carry. Two of the biggies for me. Now I need to heal up and get out and shoot with it but for now my first impression are pretty good. The ball bearing wheels on the cart moves very smoothly on the inside of the carbon fiber rods. I cant wait to mount a head and camera on it!

Duzi With Zacuto and Kessler_blog

Size Matters

The length and weight make this slider easy to mount to your tripod without a dedicated tripod to use it. The goal for me was portability and to mount the DUZI I used a Zacuto Dove Tail and a Kessler Quick Release. Until I get a camera on this I won’t really know how solid it will be but I think it will work very well.

Duzi on tripod_blog

A full review is on tap just as soon as I can get back to shooting.

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  1. JR Dziengel says:

    Looks nice! I have the Rhino slider Pro with two ft stainless steel rails and four ft carbon rails. Pretty smooth — has its quirks – although has served me well. Always on the market for new toys! 4K Fever!!!

  2. Duane Cabot says:

    Hi Erik,
    So how is the Duzi since the review? Still smooth?

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