GenusTech Mini Jib Pre Review And First Impressions

March 20, 20148 Comments

I finally was able to get out and set up the GenusTech Mini Jib. I have been on the mend from shoulder surgery and it has taken a little longer than I expected to get back to shooting. Big thanks for all the help I got today from Andy and the mystery shooter. LOL!

Mini Jib Blog_

As you can see in the video I did a few moves and they look good so far. The jib was well balanced with 15lbs of counter weight. Having a solid tripod also helps make those panning jib shots even smoother. The one thing I was looking for was wobble or sway. I didn’t find it a problem with the 24-105 attached and set to 24mm. Using wide lenses also helps and they look great on jib shots. The jib is actually pretty smooth for it’s size and overall weight. It is pretty amazing. My only question is how durable it will be, and time will only answer that question. It does have a solid feel even though it’s so very light. Putting the jib together is crazy easy. Some jibs are a real pain to assemble, but the GenusTech Mini Jib comes fully assembled, so all you rally need is a way to attach it to your camera and tripod plus a few pounds of counter weight.

Nothing to deep today just making sure the Genus Mini Jib will hold the C300 and work. It did both. I’m also going to try adding a ball head to change the camera position. The way it’s setup now the camera only faces forward unless I loosen the QR clamp and reposition the camera. Not ideal. Lots more to cover in the full review.

Andy With the jib

C100 on the GenusTech Mini Jib. Used 12.5lbs of counter weight

C100 on the GenusTech Mini Jib. Used 12.5lbs of counter weight


Thats it for now. I have a commercial shoot tomorrow and Andy and I feel confident in using the Genus Mini Jib. This is only a mini review and I will have the full one up as soon as I can. Hopefully before NAB but…….

A little update. (April 3) We shot a commercial with the Mini Jib and it worked very well. My full review will be done after NAB and when the commercial is ready for air. The Mini Jib isnt perfect but for the price and it’s size it really is a nice piece of kit. I’ll have a full rundown soon.

The GenusTech Mini Jib retails for $399. and comes with a nice soft case.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.53.38 PM

Payload Capacity 9.4 lb (4.25 kg)
Height Range 6′ (1.87 m)
Fold Down 33″ (84 cm)
Weight 3.5 lb (1.58 kg)

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  1. marklondon says:

    I have one. Love it.

  2. J.P. says:

    Hey Eric,

    Did you have a good time at NAB in Las Vegas? Hope so, now back to work! We’re all waiting for your full review on this thing! Seriously though, I’m really looking forward to it!

  3. Matt says:

    Hi Erik,
    Just curious if/when your full review for this jib is coming out? Cheers 🙂

  4. Erik Sanchez says:

    Hi Erik,

    What type of tripod were you using to support the Genus Jib? I’m concerned about the load capacity and the counter balance when using it. I have the c100 and just purchased the jib.

    Thank you.


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