Xume Filter Adapters And Hoya PROND Filters. Match Made In Heaven

May 22, 20142 Comments

Hanging out on DVXuser.com I found two very cool products. The first is Xume quick release filter adapters, and second is the new Hoya PROND Neutral Density filters. Put these two products together and you get this.

I never liked using screw on ND filters with stills lenses. They are clumsy and slow. Really kills the faster paced shooting experience, so I settled for variables ND filters. Sure the variables are fast, but I just don’t like the color shift and I haven’t found a truly neutral one yet. I have the very pricy Heliopan and Tiffen. Both are good but not 100% neutral. A definite trade off for speed. Variables are also bad for skin tones. Just makes them mushy. So I picked up three Hoya PROND filters.

  • Hoya 58mm ProND4 2 stop
  • Hoya 58mm ProND16 4 stop
  • Hoya 58mm ProND200 7 2/3 stop. (thats a strange one right?)
  • Insanely good Ballast Point IPA Beer not included

So how well do these Hoya PROND filters work? Are they truly “neutral”? That my friends is coming very shortly after I review the footage I just shot at a farmers market and yes I even shot a little skin tone with and without. I got your back!

But I can tell you I love the the Xume filter adapters. I’m buying a whole lot more of them. Check out this little video on the adapters.

XUME Adapters from XumeAdapterGuy on Vimeo.

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  1. Jonas says:

    Seems super convenient, so they don’t vignette? can you stack a second filter on top? do they make IRND versions as well?

  2. Adam Janz says:

    Thanks for this, Erik! Do you think using Xume adapters with a VariND is risky because you’re twisting the filter and it could fall off? Also, did you find out if the Hoya Pro ND filters are indeed neutral?


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