Pistol Grip Gimbal Works With A7s & GH4. Nebula4000 lite Gyroscope Gimbal

November 16, 201411 Comments

Update Dec 4th.

I’m still waiting for a demo unit. My demo unit arrived! Check out my hands on review. The problem is they keep getting sold out! Ha. I might have a better chance buying one at this point. Chdntech promised me they will send one but I have to wait.

I like this concept! This new version of the Nebula4000 lite Gyroscope Gimbal stabilizer looks very cool. The ability to use a camera up to 1KG (2.2 lbs) opens up the door to the A7s and GH4. Both would need to be used with lighter lenses.

One drawback is being able to actually shoot for more than a couple minutes without getting fatigued. Thats a problem with all 3 axis gimbals today. The actual weight of the Nebula4000 lite is 800g (1.76 lbs.). add an A7s or other camera at 1.5 lbs. (thats conservative) then that would be approximately 3.5 lbs in the palm of your hand. Not to bad but maybe time to steep up those biceps curls!


Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 7.01.00 AM

On the website they show an app available so programing the gimbal is possible. Battery life is 2 hours and it’s built into the unit? The Nebula4000 can be tuned via Bluetooth I’m guessing from an Android phone but not an iPhone or iOS device. An Apple laptop or computer can be used with Bluetooth.

Looks like it has a few nice features too like Follow Mode, Semi Follow Mode and Lock Mode.

Not a lot of info on the Nebula4000 lite yet but I found the below info from a vender. They apparently had a iPhone version prior to this model but the model name didn’t change. Yeah it’s kind of confusing. I reached out to Chdntech for more info and I’ll update this post when it’s available.

UPDATE. I was able to contact Chdntech and a review unit will be sent out. No time frame yet but looking forward to trying this cool new gimbal out.



Nebula 4000 Lite Handheld micro Camera Gimbal,carefully crafted with fullgenus CNC , the product is suitable for NEXGH EOS-MMicro 4 / 3 of the series of micro-camera, backward compatible with models Gopro card, Android iPhone(weight under 1KG), etc.,simple usage, easy to carry, which is suitable for the photography enthusiasts widely.


  • Dimension: 353*196*78mm
  • Weight 800g (1.76 lbs)
  • Load 1kg (2.2 lbs.)
  • Total height: 230mm
  • Handle height/width: 121mm/50mm
  • Top height/width: 110/110mm
  • Built in Battery 11.1V mAh
  • Battery Duration: 2 Hours


•1 * Nebula 4000 Lite Camera Gimbal
•1 * Battery
•1 * Charger
•1 * Protective case

Here is another sample. In this video at the very beginning you can see some nice smooth moves. But then for after :20 the next four minutes is all high frame rate or slowed down in post shots. I would have rather seen two minutes of straight footage of the girl walking around.

Nice shots in this video.

Looks to be a fun production tool and will make my iPhone videos will look amazing! Need more info and hopefully a demo unit to test soon.

Recently I used a DJI Ronin with an A7s and it worked very well. Here is my experiences and review.  Video below.

DJI Ronin With Sony A7S. News Image Promo from Erik Naso on Vimeo.

If I could get half those shots with the Nebula4000 lite Gyroscope Gimbal stabilizer I would be thrilled. It’s tiny as you can see in the videos/pics and should be very easy to travel and set up fast. No mention of an iOS app. Might be only Android.

As usually i’ll update the post with more info as it comes. Looking forward to getting one in for a review.

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  1. Chris Gibbs says:

    Thanks for the heads-up! For those of us still working from monopods tucked into our belts (journos & documentary shooters) that thing looks terrific. Problem with all the larger options out there, normal folk often freak when they see one headed their way. This thing, with a GH4, A7S or RX10 mounted on it would offer little reason for concern.

  2. Shawn Caple says:

    5dmarkii is 860g and a canon 40mm pancake is 130g for a total of 990g. Shouldn’t this make the cut?

  3. Don Murray says:

    Thanks for putting this up – there still is little info on this device but I am keenly interested since anything less expensive means you have to use a GoPro (which is good, but has its flaws for some activities with this).
    If you can add some info on it, since you are in contact with the makers, it would be great. What concerns me is if there is only recharging through the unit, and you are out in the field using it for about 2 hours, you are up the creek. Is there no external battery and battery charger you can use?
    And how long does a recharge take?
    The 4000 Lite must be quite new because there is still scant material on the web about it. The youtube videos of it from the maker make it look really nice – but I want some customer reviews first as well.

  4. Lucas Kao says:

    Thanks for the information, this seems to have a lot of potential for small cameras and would love to hear your thought and hands on experience.

    So far I am slightly concerned about the visibility of the rear screen as the construction of the gimbal suggested there is a metal piece cross at the back to block the view.

  5. James Fisher says:

    Cannot wait for your review on this, Erik! The capability of these new motorised gimbals is very exciting for my work, the weight and size to date not so much. Fingers crossed the 4000 lite delivers, have started my new biceps curl regimen…

  6. ali says:

    a7s + 28-70 for use by nebula 4000 is good???

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