LANC Controller To Trigger The GH4 That Works!

December 5, 20142 Comments

Wooden Camera GH4 Zacuto EVF Rig WMI’ve been building this GH4 with YAGH rig for a few weeks and as I build I find new issues that need to be addressed and then I of course have to order new parts and wait and wait for them to arrive….

Now I could have just bought a full one brand rig but for the YAGH I felt I needed a little different approach. I started out with a Wooden Camera cage and today when I get my Zacuto VCT Baseplate I’m adding that and removing the Zacuto shoulder pad. I really like the VCT design and see it on my C100 too. The Shoulder pad will come in handy later if needed.

Check out my full build here. 

A couple issues I’m having or will have is triggering the GH4 when it’s in the rig. I forgot the GH4 does have a REMOTE LANC input on the side of the camera. I grabbed a old Bebob DVXL LANC controller I’ve had for ever and….

Tried an old dvxl Bebob Lanc trigger I had laying around to see if it would work with the GH4.

A video posted by Erik Naso (@eriknaso) on

Bebob GH4Yes it works! The only thing it does is trigger record but that will solve that problem or at least I know a LANC controller works.

Now if I could find a LANC controller to also change the F-stop I would thrilled!

Libec ZC-3DV

I also found out this Libec ZC-3DV also will work and I like that the record button is bigger. If you have a Panasonic power zoom lens the rocker will also zoom in and out. Very cool!

A full review of the Zacuto VCT coming as soon as I get it on the rig. For more on the parts used go HERE.

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  1. John Stockton says:

    A controller to use as a follow focus would be great attached to a rig. Does that controller control focus? as I can see a ‘focus’ button.

    • Erik Naso says:

      No. Just start and stop. The Aputure DEC EF to MFT adapter does just that and it’s wireless too. You need to use the supplied LANC cable to record trigger.

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