Movcam Cage for Sony A7S Production Halted Due To Design Issue

January 2, 20154 Comments


Movcam cage

Back in late November during a Black Friday sale at CVP I placed an order for the Movcam Cage for the Sony A7S. Great deal at around 50% off.

I was wondering why my order has not shipped and when I asked what was up today I got an email stating that Movcam was having design issues. “A possible fault in the construction of the cage”. This has caused delay of production until they figure out how to fix it. That’s pretty much all I know. If you have one on order and haven’t received it yet that’s why.

This very popular cage looks like wont be available for some time. I was really looking forward to it with the positive reviews I was reading form and others.

I sure hope Movcam gets the issue fixed soon. I have reached out to the distributer 16×9 and If I find out anything new I’ll update this post.

UPDATE Jan 6th.

CVP sent me an email and mine will ship today. Seems Movcam has it all sorted out now.

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  1. Gil says:

    Hi Eric, I am in the same Situation as you but just before Christmas I contacted CVP again and got the Info that the Fault was found by Movcam and they should be shipping at the beginning of this year. Cheers Gil.

  2. I didn´t get mine so I got a months ago at Photokina the Varavon cage for A7s. WOrks great.

  3. Georg says:

    Hi Erik,
    just contacted cvp today about my order. They told me that t
    he first batch of Moçambique a7 cages wehre shipped today and my order will be shipped on 7th of jannuary. Cheers! George

  4. matty says:

    I just got mine from CVP and it has so many scratches and chips on it that it looks like it’s second hand…
    I wonder if sending customers second hand gear is considered a “design flaw” these days…

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