GH4 10 Bit Out With HDMI Has Some Limitations

January 4, 20157 Comments

I have a Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ in for review and today I’m going out to do a little shooting with it and the GH4 in 10 bit 4K UHD. It’s always good to do a preliminary settings test before you head out the door and that is when I found a little gotcha.

In 10 bit mode you cant get a custom white balance by using a grey card. You have to use either a preset of dial it in with Kelvin setting. I usually or I should say 99.9% of the time take a white balance with a grey card. Lighting temperature changes over time especially outdoors and indoors you can have all kinds of mixed lighting.

Just be ready for this if you choose to shoot 10 bit with an external recorder.

My review will be coming soon so please come back and check it out.

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  1. I never use a Grey Card or auto. Always dial in the K I want. Sometimes not many use a thermo colorimeter so this is not a problem to me.

  2. Jon Carr says:

    Really curious to get your take between the Odyssey 7Q+ and the Shogun. I have a shogun and am really considering returning it in favor of a 7Q+. The build quality on the Shogun feels so fragile. I know the price difference is significant when you are all said and done but the Odyssey feels like a much more solid professional product. Thoughts?

  3. Bill Gill says:

    Hi Eric,
    Great blog! Did you try white balancing in 1080, then switch to UHD?

  4. Marcus Wolschon says:

    another limitation of 10bit recording:
    (from the manual)
    “If you use the HDMI output with [Bit Mode] set to [4:2:2 10bit], the Wi-Fi function will be disabled”

    So that cool wifi-feature where you can remotely monitor, start, stop and even to a large deal control a remote camera?
    Doesn’t work in 10 bit.

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