Aputure DEC Wireless Lens Remote Adapter In For Review. This Thing Is Very Cool!

April 1, 20158 Comments

DEC Prototype

I just received a prototype of the Aputure DEC Wireless Remote Lens Adapter. This version is for the Sony EF mount so I’ll be testing it on the A7s. Aputure also has one for the GH4 MFT mount.

Aputure products are becoming very popular with me in the last year. I use their HR672S LED panels a lot. Very powerful true color lights in a small affordable package. This new adapter is so cool and it’s a product that will change the way I shoot. Opening new ways to control the lens. What does it do? Oh thats! I got ahead of my self. The DEC is a lens adapter that uses a wireless controller to change the F-stop and focus on Canon EF lenses. This gives the operator many new ways to use these lenses like on a rig or a jib arm. In a 3 axis gimbal. So many different uses that solve a basic problem of controlling the lens without touching it.

Zacuto GH4 rig

With a DEC adapter this rig would be complete. Full lens control without touching it.



I’ve struggled getting a rig together with my GH4. I have the Zacuto VTC and it’s great. The rig is very balanced but I cant get to the cameras controls to change the iris setting. With the DEC attached to a rail mount I can now control the iris and focus with my thumb. Amazingly cool! Now this is all in the hopes that the DEC will perform those tasks so I have to test it and see how well it works.

DEC no Contacts on back


One positive thing is the adapter doesn’t talk to the camera. It has no contacts on it al all. The only thing it talks to is the Canon EF lens. That’s a good thing. With the Metabones adapter it has to translate the Canon protocol to Sony. It works but it’s wonky and has issues like AF is horrible and still has some reliability issues.


If you think controlling the lens is cool than what if I told you with a LANC cable you can also control record trigger. Yup it’s true! So as you can see I’m pretty excited about the Aputure DEC wireless lens adapter.

DEC kit

I have been wanting something like this for a long time and if it works as it should this will really make a huge difference in how we control the lens and how we can shoot with different types of camera stabilizers and rigs. More to come as the testing begins.

UPDATED April 6th.

The testing is going well. I made a quick and not so fancy (or high quality)video to show an issue I’m having. The remote is so cool and works very well,  however I’m having some issues getting the LANC to work. Mainly because the cables that come with the kit don’t work for or with the A7s. I have to find another adapter to get this to trigger the A7s record. If I can then that completes the trifecta!

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  1. Ak says:

    It also forces you to use a canon lens on a sony body… Silly !! What if people own cine lenses , what if people own sony e or a mount lenses ..

  2. I don’t know why more people aren’t excited about this! To me, this is the biggest technological advance to come out of NAB. It fundamentally changes the way I thought about gimbals. As a single operator, it just didn’t make sense to pursue gimbals because I couldn’t remotely change focus. All the gear-based remote follow focus systems are absurdly expensive. With this, it’s not only an affordable solution it’s an easier solution. I’m envisioning myself using a gimbal on a documentary shoot and being able to get amazing shots thanks to this.

    I’ve heard a few sites report that there will be a “speedbooster” version for $600. I’ll buy that in a heartbeat if it’s true. I’m currently using a Metabones Speedbooster with my GH4, and getting a speedboosted version of the DEC would mean no compromises.

    There’s nothing else out of NAB that excites me this much. How has no one thought of this before?!

    • Erik Naso says:

      I agree. It works really well. Some small issues but the electronics work. I saw the DEC Pro at NAB and it looks very promising. Aputure says it’s better than the SpeedBooster. We will see. The DEC Pro comes with the wireless lens remote too. Still in early development but I think it will be very popular if it is on par with the the Metabones.

  3. Scot Olson says:

    Thanks for the info on the DEC. If you are still looking for a LANC to A7S adapter, Movcam seems to have one. Check this video at 4:05 for info.

  4. peta says:

    Hi Erik

    what’s the box under a7s in full rig? Is it battery? A mixer? it looks very sturdy! Thank you!

    Best Regards

  5. Rod says:

    Is the focus knob realky usable in scenes with moving objects? Other sytem hav way bigger knobs to adjust focus by millimeters. Thx

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