DJI Ronin-M Goes On Pre-Order At An Incredible Price

April 28, 20152 Comments

At NAB I was told the DJI Ronin-M would retail around $2K but hopefully as low as $1500. Well they went even lower to $1399. Thats a very competitive price for this 3-axis gimbal system. I played around with it for a bit at NAB and it is very well balanced and so much lighter at only 5 pounds compared to 10lbs of the original Ronin. The payload is also less but I’m okay with that. I would rather use a GH4 or A7s type camera anyway. Maybe a C100 with a very small lens could work too if the load weight is 8lbs max. The new Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera would also be a great option. It only weights 11oz without a lens or battery.

A new wireless thumb controller is also coming very soon that works with both models

Check out this short feature shot with the new Ronin-M.

Here is the behind the scenes video.

Looks like a very nice system. We have a lot of choices now in this sector so the big thing to consider is how easy the gimbal is to balance. Is it toolless? Can you use a app on a iOS device or Android? Software tweaking is a must when you change the camera and weight of the payload. If the software isn’t intuitive then it could take longer to get to shooting. Something to think about. The DJI software is pretty good.

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DJI Ronin M B&H

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    I don’t get it. Did the father die by crashing the hovercraft?

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