Veydra Mini Primes gets new Sony E and C Mount Options

August 13, 20150 Comments

Veydra Cinema Lenses

Veydra M4/3 Mount Set

After a successful Kickstarter campaign Veydra now plan to release a new C-Mount for cameras like the digital Bolex and E-Mount for Sony NEX cameras including the Sony A7s, A7RII, A6000, FS-700, and FS-7.

The 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and soon to be released 85mm Mini Primes will all get the E-Mount option. These will work in APS-C mode only since the lenses won’t cover full frame. I didn’t know they could cover APS-C either but they do. The 16mm won’t be offered since it can’t cover APS-C

It will be a user-changeable option via 4 screws. Any issues with back focus will be addressed easily by sliding the focus scale around to the proper infinity mark. A video will be produced soon showing how it will work.

This is a very cool option Basically you are now getting a S35 and M4/3 Mini Prime. Having the swappable mount is a very nice touch. I’ve changed a Zeiss CP.2 from PL to EF and it was really simple.  Much better than selling the lens and rebuying the mount you need or worse. Having two sets. Yeah… that’s not going to happen!

The Veydra Mini Primes At B&H are also priced very competitively at around $899 per Prime lens. The price for the mounts are not set yet and I will add that when available. The C Mounts are listed at $199 however not clear how many come in a kit.

Ryan Avery the kingpin of Veydra got back to me today. I had a few questions about the new mount and how they are rolling it out.

Erik: Will the E Mounts be available to everyone? Or just Kickstarters.

Ryan: The Veydra Sony E Mount will be available to Kickstarter backers first and then immediately afterward to all customers pending product availability.

Erik: I see that the mount is user updatable. Will the mounts be sold separate for people that own the M4/3 versions?

Ryan: The Veydra Sony E Mount will only be available as an accessory to begin.  We will add them as an option to purchase the Mini Primes in E Mount natively but in the beginning it will be avaiable only as an accessory.

Erik: What is the target price per mount if sold without the lens?

Ryan: We have yet to determine the price however we plan to make it as affordable as possible.

Erik: Do you plan a bundle of E-mounts for a set?

Ryan: We do plan to offer a set of mounts discount for customers that want to swap their entire 4 to 6 lens set of Veydra Mini Primes to Sony E Mount or C Mount

Erik: How simple is the process of swapping the mounts?

Ryan: The mount change process will be exceedingly simple.  Just remove the existing Micro4/3 via a few small screws and replace with the single piece E Mount.  The focus scale may need adjustment which includes 3 small screws to loosen the focus scale and slide to the proper infinity mark; no shims required!

Erik: Special pricing for backers?

Ryan: Yes, we will offer all Kickstarter backers, regardless of backer level, a special private price offer.


The 16mm will not be able to work with the E Mount since it won’t cover an APS-C sensor


The new Sony A7rII will be a popular choice for the new Veydra Mini Primes since 4K internal in S35 is the preferred shooting mode to get the best image from the camera. I still haven’t shot with the new A7rII but based on early reports this seems to be the case. I’m hoping to have one in a week when the next batch arrives.

Veydra Mini Prime lenses all feature

  • Resolution that exceeds 4K
  • Cinema 0.8 module focus and iris gears
  • Consistent front 80mm outside diameter & 77mm filter threading
  • Similar length for quick lens changes
  • Constant T2.2 aperture for easy lighting set ups
  • Plated brass mounts for durability.

Veydra Mini Prime – Lens Tests on BMPCC from Ryan Avery on Vimeo.

25mm Veydra 35mm Veydra 50mm Veydra

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