Movcam A7s LANC Adapter Cable Brings Record Trigger and More.

November 18, 20158 Comments

Movcam A7s LANC Adapter Cable

This new Movcam A7s LANC adapter cable is really good news for anyone looking to put a A7s on your shoulder or in some kind of rig for handheld use. Add this new Movcam Anti-Skid Control Handgrip with LANC Start/Stop too and you have a vive simple way to trigger record on the a7s

Movcam Anti-Skid Control Handgrip with LANC Start:StopMovcam Anti-Skid Control Handgrip with LANC Start:Stop


You will need a Arri style Rosette to attach it to your rig. The grip comes with a LANC cable but you need the special LANC adapter to interface with the Sony a7s or a7s II.

Movcam A7s LANC Adapter CableAs you can see it will fit nicely in the Movcam’s A7s cage with the locking pinch to keep the port safe and the connection solid. This is a really nice cage and I use it.

So how will I use it? First with the Aputure DEC lens adapter with electronic focus control. The grip also has start and stop via LANC but no cable was provided that worked with the A7s. A LANC cable for the GH4 does and I couldn’t find one that would worked. I tried a couple different Sony LANC adapters but no dice.

DEC kit

The Aputure DEC EF adapter’s grip controller has a little red button to trigger record. Will it work? I sure hope so! But I need to get this cable in to see. It should work since the remote has the LANC output, it just needs a cable to go to the camera.

Movcam lanc with Sony grip

This is very cool! The Sony grip that comes with the FS7 will also work with the A7s and the Movcam A7s LANC Adapter Cable. I don’t have the grip but I might look into getting one or at least borrow one from my FS7 owning friends. But wait there’s more! The adapter cable should work with the Sony zoom lenses too. The 28-135, 18-105 & 18-200 PZ lenses. This includes zoom control too. Wow! Makes me want to get those lenses to try this out. For some setups this could be a really great rig that stays pretty light and mobile.

It’s available now priced at $95. Yes that’s a chunk of change but it adds usability.

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  1. G1 says:

    any update on this ?
    it looks promising !
    thank you

  2. Noah says:

    Hi Eric, do you know if the focus-assist or centre-click buttons work also on the Sony? Or is it just basic functions? If I could punch-in to check focus without raising my hand, well, that would be some pretty dreamy ergonomics, I must say.

  3. G1 says:

    Hi Eric
    now you’re an happy FS7 owner, do you think you could investigate this a little more ? I really think this could be a game changer for A7 X users for shoulder rigs and gimbal use. Rec/Stop, zoom rocker, custom buttons relocated ala Canon C100 grip … Keep up the good work ! thank you

    • Noah says:

      I second this, Eric, I know you’re busy, but I would buy this cable in a heartbeat if the focus-punch-in feature can be mapped to a button, any button on a LANC controller. Zoom and record start-stop are great, but if there is a focus assist function I would buy this in a heartbeat.

  4. diego says:

    Hey Eric,

    if you just need a wired solution for start/stop and zoom control, you’d better save some money and buy the sony RM-VPR1

    It works fine with my A7R II.
    I suppose it may work with the other cameras of the A7 series .


  5. alex liu says:

    Hi Eric:

    I have got this lanc adapter but could not figure how it works with A7sii with PZ28-135 lens and Manfrotto MVR901EPLA (Manfrotto RC Pan Bar EX Remote Control for LANC Cameras). The zoom function did not work smoothly and only allow 1 time and 1 direction…the AF button on Manfrotto RC Pan Bar keep flashing after the zoom action…It won’t allow me to do the zoom function…

    Many thanks for your help and advice

    Best regards


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