How I Fixed a Dead Pixel in my Sony a7s II. I can’t Believe this Actually Works!

November 28, 20156 Comments

The strangest thing occurred on Thanksgiving. I was taking lots of candid family pics with my a7s II and then I noticed a white dot in the middle of the image. I stopped shooting and ran a cleaning cycle to remove a dust speck but it didn’t go away and now that I’m thinking about it I wouldn’t see a dust speck on the sensor at f2.8. They usually show up like blobs when the lens is around f16. This is a sharp white dot. I checked the lens front and back and nothing. Maybe it’s the LCD. Zooming around the image confirmed it wasn’t. It must be a dead pixel. Yep it’s dead pixel. So bummed.

I went through the menu looking for some settings I knew didn’t exist. Hoping a pixel refresh option lived in that messy Sony menu. Nope. I posted this picture of the dead pixel on Instagram and Facebook.

Dead Pixel

While going through the a7s II menu I thought if I changed the camera to PAL and back to NTSC that it might help. I did this and the camera gave a warning that it needed to reformat the card. I screwed up and accidently initiated the format. Oh no! I just lost all the images and video I had shot. I was furious I did that. So stupide! Grrrr! And it didn’t fix it either. Camera in hand I was defeated. I figured I will just keep taking pictures and yep. Fix it in post.

I was certain I would have to send the camera back to Sony for warranty service and that would be an issues since I’m doing a tutorial video on the a7s II in January and need the camera. More on this later but it’s very cool.

Then like a knight in shining armour Kyle Chappell had a solution and posted it on my Facebook page. (come by and give it like!)

Dead Pixel solution

“Set the date forward on your date/time 2 months, and then turn the camera off. Wait about five seconds, the shutter will close, the sensor will re-map and the pixels should be gone! Fingers crossed?”

It worked! I can’t believe it did! But yeah it worked!


Now I’m baffled how it did work. When I set the date forward the shutter made a sound I haven’t heard before it clicked and a couple seconds after it turned off. This was the remapping thing going down. Crazy. After I turned the a7s II back on the dead pixel was gone. I’ve learned that the camera performs a pixel remap every month automatically. That’s why it works when you force the month forward it will perform the pixel remapping. I also found it works going back a month as well. This little trick also works on many Sony alpha cameras.

Dead Pixel Gone

In true Thanksgiving tradition I want to say how thankful I am for Kyle Chapple helping me with this strange and brilliant solution. I don’t know how he knew to do this but I’m thankful he did.

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  1. Ansel Adams says:

    What, no PIXEL MAPPING option in the menu anywhere for mapping out BAD PIXELS?

  2. CraigS says:

    What bothers me is that IMHO manufacturers should let users know about such routines. You’d think it would cut down on support calls, camera round trips to repair and, happier customers who solve the problem locally.

    • Erik Naso says:

      It seems the alpha cameras do the pixel remapping every month but if you have issues and dont know the trick it could really ruin some memories especially if you don’t edit your pics.

  3. Bubs says:

    You my friend, are a life saver!
    Bad pixel is gone 🙂 Big thanks

  4. Nick says:

    it works, save my life (save camera life!)

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