HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY 2! Enter to WIN a RODE VideoMicro

December 16, 201539 Comments

Giveaway 2_VideoMicro 16x9

Here is the 2nd GIVEAWAY and it’s a great one!

WIN a FREE RODE VodeoMicro. ($59. value) This is a very cool little shotgun mic for your hybrid video camera or any video camera that has an input.

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Increase your chances to WIN by using all 6 entry options!

Good Luck! and thanks for participating!

RODE Video Micro_SML

The VideoMicro from RODE is a compact on-camera microphone that features a cardioid condenser mic capsule for capturing audio recordings. The lightweight microphone can be used when paired with a video camera for applications such as weddings, interviews, and more.

The VideoMicro reduces distracting peripheral sound and focuses on the audio in front of the camera. The microphone body is made from aluminum, giving it a high level of RF rejection, and is finished in a ceramic anti-glare black coating. The mic is powered by camera plug-in power (min. 3V) so no battery is required.

In addition, the VideoMicro includes a Lyre shoe-mount that minimizes unwanted vibrations, handling, and cable-borne noises, and a WS9 synthetic furry windshield with a foam inner cell, designed for use in outdoor situations where wind and environmental noise can inhibit recordings. A 1/8″ TRS patch cable is also included.

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  1. Albin Larsson says:

    Another great giveaway! Thank you! 🙂

  2. Ray Frisby says:

    I’m shooting two short films in 2016 the Rode Video Micro would be a great
    run and gun option for recording ambient audio.

  3. Brandon Rowe says:

    I will be starting a video business for extra income, and this will definitely up my audio quality. 🙂

  4. James C-D says:

    I always love to learn abit more about the mics I use. Thanks!

  5. Murph says:

    I will use the Rode Video Micro to make some awesome narrative film shorts! Thanks for the GREAT Giveaway!!!

  6. Maciek says:

    The VideoMic Micro would make a great addition to my new soundkit, alongside its bigger brother which I’m hoping to buy in the new year – either the NTG2 or 4+.

  7. john says:

    I will use this portable and versatile mic for interview and otf shoots . as well as during epk production for artist located her in Nashville.

  8. Eric R says:

    I will use it for vlogging

  9. Matt says:

    Would be great as a mic to carry every day for spontaneous shoots. The compact size and battery free operation are a huge bonus. Would love to hear the comparison between this and my Sennheiser MKE 400.

  10. Yvette says:

    I’ll mostly use it making videos for my church.

  11. DeLIZZIosa says:

    it will be used for vlogging

  12. Rostyk Makushak says:

    Thank you for another Christmas giveaway! Will use this mic for my documentaries if I win.

  13. Mark Yamamoto says:

    Thanks for the rode raffle!

  14. Tippy35075 says:

    The Rode video mic micro would be used for small one man filming production in crowded public spaces

  15. Nick says:

    Starting to add more audio elements into our productions, the RODE VideoMicro would be a great asset to grab extra audio from tight places!

  16. ryan says:

    I would use this with my gopro’s to capture my sons and i skateboarding

  17. Robert says:

    I’d use the video micro to aid in my run and gun one man filming set up

  18. Micah Foster says:

    I will use it to get scratch audio in my live concert shoots.

  19. Christian says:

    As a filmmaker, decent sound has always been one of my lesser priorities, but after revisiting some projects, I realize that sound is much more important than I thought it was. Super excited to see how this contest turns out!

  20. Anthony Correia says:

    I plan on using the VideoMicro with my GoPro for Vlogging.

  21. Patricia says:

    I would use the rode video mic micro for some smooth and crispy audio!

  22. Ivan Jeremy says:

    I would love to use it for my 2016 short films and documentray plan and also for some music cover on youtube! This will be a very very great gift I will receive! By the way, Thank you for this chance! Happpy Holidays!

  23. Ivan Cabamongan says:

    I would love to use it for my 2016 short films and documentray plan and also for some music cover on youtube! This will be a very very great gift I will receive! By the way, Thank you for this chance! Happpy Holidays! :))

  24. Branden says:

    I would use this mic in my new adventure as a small scale film production company after having made a huge life change.

  25. Cesar R. says:

    That would go in perfect. as nikon cameras have a really lousy mics!
    I usually like to record some spectacles and shows, never records well with the onboard mic.

  26. Hoping to win a contest before Christmas!

  27. Dom says:

    I would use it in my upcoming short film for local artist. 😀

  28. george says:

    Great Giveaway!!Thanks!!

  29. Carmen says:

    I love it!

  30. I’ll use it on my GH4 in the smallest run-n-gun config. Been LOOKING for a tiny mic like this.

  31. Martin says:

    I will use the mic in my short film – “coatcheck”
    to record great sound

  32. Nathan Clarke says:

    I’ll probable use this with my smaller camcorder for short interviews and b-roll stuff.

  33. Julie says:

    This would be good for better sync sound from the camera, and better b-roll sound when you’re not shooting dual system.

  34. I would love to add this to my equipment list, i would replace my knock off chinese mic that fails me more than i can count.

  35. Matt says:

    This is a Christmas present if I win!

  36. EposVox says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Definitely needing a new shotgun mic for my run-and-gun video.

  37. Otmane Yakkaoui says:

    Starting my tech reviews yutube channel

  38. Rodolfo says:

    I’d use the mic to capture great sound for upcoming projects!

  39. Matteo Arone says:

    I will use it on my Canon 600D!

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