Upgrade Your Sony Alpha with a Miller & Schneider A-Cup eyecup for Sony mirrorless cameras

December 22, 20152 Comments

They’re at it again! Miller & Schneider made their first upgrade Eye cup for the C100 and it desperately needed one. Followed with the G-Cup for the Panasonic GH4. I never understood why they didn’t name that one the P-Cup 😀 Now the Sony Alpha cameras get the A-Cup eyecup.

The Sony a7s II and a7r II have nice EVF’s but the stock rubber cover is hardly an eyecup. It doesn’t really prevent sun light leak at all. The prototype A-Cup fit nice and snug. I was impressed with that.

Here is what Miller & Schneider say about the new A-Cup.

I’m am pleased to officially announce the A-Cup, a new eyecup for the Sony a7 series of cameras. Our third custom-designed eyecup, the A-Cup enhances the usability of the a7 cameras by blocking out light and providing a comfortable third point-of-contact. This product comes behind many requests directly from users, and we are excited to pull the trigger now that it meets our exacting criteria.
The A-Cup benefits from a highly secure connection thanks to Sony’s excellent mounting interface. Users are going to love it when they slide the A-Cup on and it clicks into place. The A-Cup improves handheld shooting most of all, so the combination of our secure, comfortable eyecup and Sony’s 5-axis IBIS stabilization is really a big deal. I think video shooters in particular are going to feel great about simply picking this camera up and shooting handheld without additional rigging. That has always been our goal with these products. We want to enable users to keep their rigs light and lean.
This is our first time announcing a product that we’ve had retail partnerships in Europe. The G-Cup and A-Cup are available from lovinpix in Paris and very soon colorfoto in Lisbon. I’m sure this is very welcome news for our European customers (who make up nearly 40% of our sales) as up until now they have had to deal with VAT individually. If for whatever reason EU customers prefer to order from us directly, we will continue to ship worldwide from the US.

All sounds good to me!

I have a demo on the way and can’t wait to try it out, but I can tell you the prototype was very promising and they said the final is even better. I’m looking forward to getting one for a full review very soon.

The A-Cup retails for $34.95 and is available at on their website HERE. They are accepting pre-orders now, and expecting to begin shipping from the US by 01/04/2016 (EU distribution may be up to a week behind that).

A Cup RODE Video Micro_SML-3 RODE Video Micro_SML-4 RODE Video Micro_SML-5 RODE Video Micro_SML

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  1. C. Tech says:

    I ordered the Miller & Schneider A-Cup for my A7RII. I must say I like the type of rubber used but was really was hopping for it to meet my needs better. I think their quality control must not be very good, as I could not press it all the way down to snap/lock into place on the camera. I removed the cup to then inspected the issue closely and noticed excess plastic “buildup” on the inside corners of the mounting surface bracket, also a slight overall warp and pitted areas(lack of material) of the connector surface edges. I had to carefully shave the excess away with an X-Acto blade to “clean” up the issues. It then easily snapped into proper alignment. Unfortunately, it ultimately blocks the corners of the image from view even when pressing to the brow very firmly. I guess there is just to much thickness/material (rubber or otherwise even when compressed), which increases the distance from your eye to the electronic viewfinder, thereby blocking out a “full frame” view. It definitely does block all extraneous light leaks from your eye, which is great. Really wanted this to give the full EVF view however, especially for $40. If a company cannot deliver something as simple as an eyecup at that price point, they need to rethink. Maybe they will make an improved version, or I will wait for another manufacturer. Of course all the paid reviewers or those who received the product in exchange for their review say its all roses. It’s just not the case.

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