Sony’s new G Master 85mm Lens is a Telling Look into the Future

February 5, 20161 Comment

G Master Lenses

The new Sony G Master 85mm 1.4 GM is showing me that Sony is going to try to make a lens that will make video and stills shooters happy, but can this be done with the current 85mm 1.4 GM? Also worth noting that the G Master lenses are not a Zeiss/Sony partnership at least not branded as such.

85mm click setting

Maybe. When I saw that the new G Master 85mm has a switch to make the manual iris on the lens be non-clickable I was pleasantly surprised. Wait! Did Sony put a manual iris ring on the new G Master? Thats a big deal! I want to know more about this first prime lens in the new G Master lineup.

Sony 85mm_A

A manual iris ring that can be de-clicked Cool!

The 85mm f1.8 has a linear SSM (Super Sonic wave Motor) This new auto focus system is supposed to be very quick and quite. Meaning AF in video mode wont be heard. But Sony also is boasting that manual control of the focus will also be more precise.

The lens is “Focus By Wire” meaning it’s not fully manual. When you are in manual focus mode you rotate the barrel the motor responds and focuses the lens. This makes repeatable focus impossible and it’s also very hard to get the subject in tack sharp focus. Seems to always go to far or just not hit the mark. It can be frustrating when shooting video. A dedicated focus hold button, AF/MF switch is also on the lens.

Sony claims ” a more natural, intuitive manual focus control.” and I sure hope we see a big advancement in this operation because right now I still see a lot lacking for true hybrid video/stills lenses. At this time it seems you need two sets. Maybe the new G Masters are going to be “the” lens for both. They certainly look to be very high end lenses that will resolve beyond 4K and Sony has put a lot of attention on bokeh. I’m looking forward to giving this new G Master a spin.


  • E-Mount Lens/Full-Frame Format
  • Aperture Range: f/1.4 to f/16
  • One XA Element and Three ED Elements
  • Nano AR Coating
  • Linear SSM Focus System
  • Internal Focus Design
  • Focus Hold Button, AF/MF Switch
  • Manual Aperture Ring
  • Dust and Moisture-Resistant Construction
  • Eleven-Blade Circular Diaphragm

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  1. Adam Janz says:

    I’d be interested to find out if these lenses will have linear focus travel or non-linear like so many of the current Sony lenses, which makes repeatable focus impossible.

    Thanks for sharing!

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