New SmallHD LP-E6 Power Options Might Be a Great Universal Solution For Many Products

August 23, 20162 Comments

SmallHD introduced a few new products to power the 500 and 700 series monitors but after looking at the new solutions these can also be used with other Canon LP-E6 powered products. Outside of the V-Mount and AB Mount solutions that use a custom bracket that fits the monitor if you have a device that uses LP-E6 these new powering solutions might be pretty handy. Let’s take a look.


DCA5 Kit – $139.99

If you’re looking to power a 500 or 700 Series monitor via a D-Tap power source, the DCA5 is what you need. The DCA5 Kit gives you everything you need run power from a D-Tap power source (LP-E6 Adapter, 36-inch D-Tap to barrel power cable).
Output: 6.4v 2.5A DC (regulated)


DCA5 LEMO to D-Tap Kit – $279.99

Want a LEMO power connector on your 500 or 700 Series monitor? The DCA5 LEMO kit gives you bot LEMO and barrel power inputs via a robust, regulated, LP-E6 adapter.
Output: 6.4v 2.5A DC (regulated)


Gold Mount Battery Bracket Kit – $249.99

Power your 700 Series monitor with a Gold Mount battery; perfect when kitting out a wireless solution or mounting the monitor on a stand.


V-Mount Battery Bracket Kit – $249.99

Power your 700 Series monitor with a V-Mount battery. This kit includes and battery plate, faux LP-E6 adapter and an Anton Bauer V-Mount battery bracket.


DCA5 Barrel to AC Power Kit  – $139.99

Power your 500 or 700 Series monitor through AC power sources. This setup is ideal for indoor/studio shooting environments.

Lots of options for powering 500 and 700 series monitors or other devices that take the same LP-E6 battery.

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  1. Mitch Gross says:

    You sure about this? That monitor can accept a wide range of power. Not true for other devices. I think those adapters are just pass thru. They might be delivering 12v into a battery port designed for 3.2v. If that’s the case, shoving that into a camera will fry it.

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