Canon C700 has Landed. The Most Loaded Cinema EOS ever but at a Price.

September 1, 20162 Comments

Tricked Out C700

Big morning from Canon! The new C700 and updated XC15 have landed. The C700 looks like a few popular camera on the market and I feel that’s a good thing. Making it more ergonomic is important and clearly this is the way users want them too. Lets get one big thing out of the way right now. Price.

C700 EF $28,000
C700 PL $28,000
C700 PL With Global Shutter $30,000
C700 EVF-V70 OLED Viewfinder $6000
SG-1 Shoulder-Style Grip Unit $1595
Canon Codex Digital Raw Recorder for EOS C700 $TBA
Canon OU-700 Remote Operation Unit for C700 $2495


C700 PL

As you can see the C700 is a flagship camera for Canon and not for everyone. The cost for entry is $35,595 without batteries and media or lenses if you don’t have them yet and PL? well that’s another big investment.
Woof! I’m out! 😀 But I think most of us are too because this is a very high end camera that competes with the likes of Red and ARRI and the other top shelf models from Sony and Panasonic. I can see many of my owner operator friends crunching numbers right now to get C700. It’s got what they have been wanting and now it looks like they will get just that with the C700.

The form factor looks really great and I hope Canon takes this body and moves the C300 into it. I would be very interested in that camera.

The addition of internal ProRes recording is also a big step for Canon and it’s a great option for those wanting it and not having to add a external recorder to the camera. Canon has always been stingy with frame rates but hey! this is the top of line so no holding back. The C700 includes a variety of 2K/HD recording options with frame rates up to 120 fps using the full frame of the sensor, and up to 240 fps in 2K crop mode. If you need 4K 120fps then the Codex recorder will have to be used.

An interesting option on the PL model is the sensor can be swapped out by Canon service center to a rolling shutter if desired. This is very interesting and a first from Canon. Could we see a DPAF global shutter upgrade in the future as well?



Finally a Cinema EOS with a proper viewfinder! The OLED viewfinder is 1920 x 1080 resolution. The EVF controls have four assignable buttons plus a menu navigation joystick and menu selector that are both readily accessible. It features false color and zebra to assist in exposure, and there is a magnification mode for critical focus.



Canon OU-700 Remote Operation Unit for C700 The Remote provides a control surface for accessing camera settings as well as triggering record start/stop. The unit can be mounted directly to the right side of the camera or used remotely by employing a separately available extension cable. It is ideal for scenarios where several crew members need access to the camera, allowing the camera assistant to stay out of the way so the focus puller and operator can do their jobs unobstructed.



Canon Codex Digital Raw Recorder for EOS C700. Using the attachment accessory included with the C700, simply piggyback the recorder on the C700. A battery mount powers both the recorder and the camera simultaneously. Hinging on the well-established Codex Digital workflow, this recorder can write 12-bit 4K-resolution raw sensor data to Codex Digital Capture Drive 2.0 SSDs at up to 120 fps. XF-AVC or ProRes files can be recorded in-camera, simultaneously, for versatile workflow options.

Canon also updated the XC10 with the XC15. Click here for that post!

Canon Press Release

Canon today unveils two new flagship models in the esteemed Cinema EOS system – the EOS C700 (EF/PL) and
. Both models are ready for the 4K generation, enabling high-end production houses and broadcasters to intuitively and easily shoot with a wide dynamic range, in supreme quality. The EOS C700 cameras capture creative slow motion 4K video footage internally with high frame rates of up to 59.94P/50P and 2K up to 200p/240p (sensor crop mode), or 4K RAW up to 100P/120P, to the optional dockable Codex RAW recorder. Building on the Cinema EOS System range, the powerful video cameras are modular in design to adapt to all shooting requirements and include support for the Apple ProRes format for the first time. Designed for fast-moving subjects and action scenes, the EOS C700 GS PL is also the first Cinema EOS camera with a global shutter.

Quality and versatility for every production

Created with cinematographers and high-end broadcast production professionals in mind, both models deliver the versatility that the industry demands using a Canon Super 35mm CMOS sensor with a maximum pixel count of 4.5K  (EOS C700 GS PL at 4.2K). 4K DCI or 4K UHD can be recorded up to an incredible 810Mbps. Combining the sensor with triple DIGIC DV5 processors, documentary makers can capture natural history and compelling stories in incredible detail, delivering spectacular high-resolution videos with low-noise and shallow depth of field. Together, with a high ISO of up to 102,400 and built-in ND filters, with up to 10-stops of control, both models offer enhanced flexibility and stunning cinematic detail, in even the most challenging of lighting conditions.

The EOS C700 EF’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF is incredibly effective at locking onto and tracking a subject allowing the camera operator to concentrate on framing the shot, making it easier for news reporters to film accurately on the move. Operators on drama productions will appreciate the acclaimed Dual Pixel Focus Guide feature, which is ideal for greater control and accuracy. Supporting Canon Log 3, Log 2 and Log Gammas, the EOS C700 (EF/PL) is capable of recording up to an incredible 15-stops of Dynamic Range (14-stops with the EOS C700 GS PL), where footage can be graded with greater confidence and flexibility in HDR post-production workflows.

Professional workflow integration 

The EOS C700 (EF/PL) provides a wide range of colour space options, including the Canon Cinema Gamut, BT.2020, and DCI-P3, as well as support for ACES 1.0 workflow. The camera also supports HDR monitoring with SMPTE ST.2084. For a truly integrated, efficient and reliable HDR workflow, all versions of the EOS C700 can connect directly to the new DP-V2420, Canon’s 4K high luminance reference monitor that is able to support the new ITU-R BT.2100 standard for HDR output.

Offering universal appeal for high-resolution production, the EOS C700 is capable of recording high bitrate 4K files internally to dual CFast 2.0™, supporting both XF-AVC and ProRes formats, while simultaneously recording 4K RAW files to an external recorder. Equipped with an Ethernet (RJ45) terminal, the EOS C700 allows broadcasters to live stream Full HD footage via the internet, and also can be connected to a wireless network using the optional wireless file transmitter (WFT-E6B/WFT-E8).

To complement this powerful new camera, Canon has worked with Codex to provide a fully-integrated recording and workflow solution. The combination of the dockable Codex RAW recorder (CDX-36150) with the Canon EOS C700 allows for high-speed 4K RAW recording at up to 120 frames per second (fps). Future firmware upgrades will include 4.5K RAW recording at up to 100 fps, 4K Apple ProRes at up to 60 fps, and Apple 2K ProRes at up to120 fps. Codex’s production-proven recording media – Codex Capture Drives – are used for both RAW and higher-speed ProRes recording. Along with the images, frame-accurate metadata such as lens information can also be captured, streamlining production and post-production processes and delivering time and money savings.

Build the camera your own way 

The camera can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual as well as for each filming scene. For full customisation, there is an extensive range of optional accessories including a new 0.7’’OLED viewfinder system, the EVF-V70, which offers Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) with a wide colour gamut. The optional Remote Operational Unit OU-700 can also be used to control the camera when shooting with a multi-member team. For newsgatherers and high-end documentary makers, a bespoke Shoulder Support Unit, the SU-15, and new Shoulder Style Grip Unit, the SG-1, will be available for on-the-move shooting.

For complete creative freedom and choice, anamorphic lenses are supported, along with a huge range of EF and PL lenses, plus the ability to use compatible Canon broadcast lenses with the optional B4 mount adapters (in Full HD mode). The EOS C700 with EF mount with Cinema Lock and EOS C700 PL with Cook/i support can even swap mounts by Canon service, if user requirements change.

EOS C700 key features:

  • 4K (4,096 x 2,160) video recording at up to 810Mbps
  • Internal 10/12-bit XF-AVC or ProRes recording
  • 4K recording at up 59.94P/50P internally or 100P/120P with optional Codex recorder
  • Up to 15 stops dynamic range
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF (EOS C700 only) or Global Shutter model options

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  1. Jason says:

    I think Canon is starting to get that just the name alone is not selling cameras anymore. This is the signal they are ready to compete with Red Arri and others on that level. I am super excited about the c100 mark III to see what they bring to the table on that camera as well :).

    • Erik Naso says:

      I would love to see Canon update the Cinema EOS line with this body design from the C700. It would make sense to do this and probably cheaper to manufacture as well. The DSLR body design has to go. I think it would be a huge home run.

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