Could the End of the Mac Pro be Here?

September 6, 20163 Comments



This conversation has been started by appleinsider today stating that some 2013 Mac Pro trash can support pages have been archived and will no longer be updated.  As a Mac user I decided that the Mac Pro was overpriced and under powered.

Heatsink with CPU stuck to it (1 of 1)

I went with a Mac Pro upgrade instead. Check out how I did it HERE 

What I find interesting is could Apple discontinue the Mac Pro trash can and go back to a more user upgradeable design? Personally I doubt it because it’s Apple we are talking about but I and many like me would like to see this happen. The other possibility is Apple will leave the pro computer platform once and for all and stick with the iMacs and iStuff. This is hard to believe since Apple I believe wants FCPx to be successful and it requires a higher end computer to run it. Yes you could use an iMac but come on! it’s an iMac for god sake! 😀

At work we are transitioning away from the Mac Pro. We have some old ones and it’s time for new edit stations and you guessed it. They are going with a PC. Dell’s…Ugh. But I don’t blame them because if it was my money I would be doing the same. Sad but true. Or just do a custom build like I have done in the past. Long time ago too. Another thing that makes leaving easier is I don’t depend Apple software much anymore if at all. I use FCPX from time to time but other than that I don’t use any Mac only software. I think that was also a huge mistake when Apple started EOL’ing software.

Anyway I thought this was interesting and wanted to share. Are you a Mac Pro user wondering what to do next? Are you leaving the Mac Pro behind for a high powered PC and would like to see the return of the upgradable Mac Pro.

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  1. David says:

    Although the iMacs are effective for most graphics work, they just don’t have the expandability that I need for video work. I am using a “vintage” 2010 Mac tower with 32GB RAM and an Nvidia GTX980Ti card. Its a very usable machine for video work, but I very much wanted to invest in the new Mac “trashcan” for access to Thunderbolt. It just never made sense to make that switch.

    I’ve been using Macs exclusively since 1988, and wouldn’t want to invest in another platform at this point in my career (5 years away from retirement). However, if I was a young Turk, I would likely be a PC user. Although I’m disappointed that Apple has turned their attention away from machines for video professionals, their hardware has served me well for a long, long time.

  2. Mike says:

    We’ve always been Mac users, but just bought our first video editing PC. For 1/3 of the price we got something twice as fast as the trashcan mac.I will say that Windows is just as bad as ever. Networking issues, audio card issues, crashes etc. But faster than real time renders of 4K footage is just too good to switch back.

  3. Carol says:

    I can’t believe they are going to discontinue the macPro I have used it for many years in my company. There is no way I want to go to PC ( ugh) I have their software.

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