Apple Event: “hello again” Could this mean an upgradable Mac Pro is coming?

October 21, 20163 Comments

I love my Macs, but the love seems to be a one way relationship these days. I have a MacBook Pro Retina 15″ that still works very well for editing basic stuff. No 4K since the GPU stinks but it can edit HD fine. Now my workstation is a early 2009 Mac Pro that I upgraded pretty heavily with 12-Core 3.46GHZ Xeon and faster RAM. Check out my build if you want to know more on the CPU upgrade.

Since then I’ve done even more. Added a SSD boot drive. Put in USB3.0 card. Installed a Mac flashed Titan X, and this weekend will install a Sonnet Tempo SSD Pro Plus 6Gb/s SATA PCIe 2.0 Card for Dual SSD’s with two Samsung 850 PRO 1TB SSD’s in a RAID 0 for my Media Drive and archive on an external RAID 5.

My Mac Pro is every bit as good as the current trashcan but I don’t have Thunderbolt and that sucks!


So Apple has an “Event” scheduled for October 27th. and the invite to the media says “hello again” Interesting if you like to read into things. I just so happen to do this from time to time 😀

What this could mean is a possible introduction of an all new computer. Maybe a new……


Haha. Well not this 1984 Macintosh, but a new Mac Pro! See the writing on the screen? I’m not taking trashcan either. This would be awesome if it happened! Will it? I’m thinking it very well could. The 2013 redesigned Mac Pro has had issues and it really hasn’t been embraced very well in the professional world. I personally couldn’t justify getting one at the time of release, and then as time went on…. Three years later. No updates. Same price. Now I’m out for sure.

So if you want to read into what “hello again” could mean? I think it’s a former idea that is coming back. As to what that is? Well. We will find out October 27th. If no upgradable Mac Pro’s are introduced I have my eye on a Asus X99 Deluxe II.

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  1. Don says:

    I wish Apple would give us a real Mac Pro. It’s just unfortunate that they’ve moved in a direction of locked down hardware, which is a strategy that benefits they’re “standard” consumers more than their power user customers. However I think the days of a modular Mac Pro are gone, sadly. But I could be wrong, and I HOPE I’m wrong.

    Funny thing too, I have nearly the same computer set up as you do except mine is not as souped up. If you don’t plan on selling yours and may know someone who is looking for such a system, I am selling mine for $400 with a 23 inch monitor. Specs below. I’m in the SD area.

    Apple Mac Pro (Spring 2009) 2.66 Ghz Quad Core Xeon 14 GB Memory 3.3TB Storage

    Mac Pro Tower and A/C Cord
    Apple Numeric Keyboard
    Original (Unused) Apple Optical Mouse
    Original Leopard Boot Disk
    Mac OSX Snow Leopard Disc
    Etekcity USB Wireless Wireless Network Adapter
    Original Packaging
    No speakers or monitor are included.

    Computer Specs:
    Mac Pro Quad Core Intel Xeon
    2.66 Ghz Processor (4-Core)
    14 GB Memory
    3.3 TB Internal Storage
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 Graphics Card
    Mac OSX 10.5.6
    Dual Layer Super Drive

  2. David says:

    I have stopped dreaming about Apple returning to serious computers. Sure, it would GREAT to see them go back to their former glory days of innovative computer design, but the numbers just aren’t in it for them. They may waaaaay more revenue selling watches and phones, so why would they care to invest R&D into building new computers. Their laptops are pretty OK, but not ground breaking.

    Like yourself, I have upgraded my “vintage” 2010 Mac 5,1 tower with SSDs, a USB3 card and a GTX 980 Ti card. It works quite well, but I do long for a more powerful system for editing. At my stage of life I don’t have an interest in switching over to the “dark side” of PCs, even though I fully realize the advantages.

    If Apple were to introduce a new Mac Pro tower, or an expandable iMac, I would be both surprised and very intrigued. Time will tell, but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Hello Erik,
    I will be telling what gets announced the 27th. I don’t edit on my HP WorkStation (Large Format printer server), but it’s been a reliable machine.

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