Rode i-XLR with Rode NT1-A Microphone makes Great Sounding Voiceovers Anywhere

October 27, 20161 Comment

@rodemic NT1-A kit is loaded! #audio #videoproduction #studio #recordingstudio

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I just picked up this Rode NT1-A for voiceovers and podcasts.


  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • 1″ Diaphragm
  • Transformerless Output Stage
  • 48V Phantom Power

It’s a very nice sounding microphone plus it works with the Rode i-XLR. This is some what strange since the NT1-A needs phantom power since it’s a condenser microphone and the i-XLR doesn’t supply it.

Please note, the i-XLR does not provide phantom power, and does not support condenser microphones

So why does it work with the NT1-A? I have no idea but it does. Check out this demo I did that shows it works!

The i-XLR is such a handy little device that is so easy to use. Just download the Rode Reporter app. Which is free, and plug in your microphone and start recording! It’s that easy and the quality is very good too. I really like the sound of the NT1-A. Nice bass and clear highs.


  • XLR to Lightning Adapter
  • Record to iPhone with Wide Range of Mics
  • Headphone Jack
  • +20dB Boost For Dynamic Mics
  • Free iOS Companion App

This opens up some really interesting possibilities when paired with a good quality microphone like the Rode Reporter for radio interviews or put a lab mic on for separate audio capture in video when shooting stand ups. Such a cool device. For me paired with the NT1-A is so convenient. If my hose is a little noisy I can pick up the mic and i-XLR and move to another location with ease. Love it! screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-3-24-57-pm Please signup for my newsletter! Follow me on Twitter @eriknaso and Facebook and also check out my Youtube Channel. Thanks for coming by! Please help support my site by using the links on this page or bookmark these from my favorite retailers, B&H, Adorama, Zacuto, & Think Tank Photo Using the links cost you nothing extra, but it helps offset the cost of running my blog. Thanks again for coming by!  

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  1. Rob C. says:

    Hi Rob C. here small time freelance articlitian here in Wrong Beach California, down in the 815.
    Listen I just purchased a Rode NT1-A Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone hoping something could be worked out to adapt it or turnkey it to the Sony Production HandiCam, These look like your simple HandiCam however there special, they were the actual cameras that were used to shoot the movie “Paranormal Activity” #1. I purchased this pair of cams a few years ago and there just wonderful but have been going thru the duldrums with no decent sound thus I bought this mic, Not thinking there is a difference between cartoid and condenser just as I am typing this i noticed the i-NTA adapter that people are using but is that just thru the iPhone or can this mic actually be connected to the camera.
    Please Advise
    Thank you very much

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