An In-depth look at the NEW Panasonic Lumix GH5

January 8, 20170 Comments

This Lumix GH5 video is a bit long but it’s really packed with a lot of info. Get a beverage and take it all in. Good news is it looks like the 4:2:2 high bitrate features coming are free firmware updates. Yes you will have to pay $100 for V Log L. If you already own it and using the license with a GH4 you will have buy another copy since the license is attached to the cameras serial number. The more I learn about the Lumix GH5 the more excited I get about it.


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Lumix GH5 From B&H
Lumix GH5 From Amazon

GH5 XLR From B&H
GH5 XLR From Amazon

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