Panasonic Lumix GH5 180 Frames Per Second Sample PLUS Downloadable Footage To Play With

January 11, 20172 Comments

A very strange thing is happening. Panasonic is releasing a lot of samples shot by their ambassadors to share with the world with pre-production GH5 cameras. Very cool if you want to see what the GH5 is capable of in it’s current build. This brings us to the second downloadable opportunity brought to you by Neumann Films. If you missed the V Log L downloadable footage well you are just not paying attention 😀

GH5 180 FPS _2

Shot in VLogL at different ISO values to test the breaking points. Sigma 24mm Art at 1.4 most of the time. Some clips also on 12-35mm Lumix f 2.8 (v1) Filmed by: Marika Neumann, Jamie Dryden, Pete Dryden, and Luke Neumann

Okay! Here is the link to some very impressive 180 frames Per Second GH5 footy!

The take away for me is the detail is pretty good but the noise seems high in the interior shots that looks like the ISO was pushed to get exposure. Remember. You have to use the 180 degree rule when shooting HFR video. At 180 FPS the shutter should be 1/360th of a second. This requires a lot more light than 1/50th of a second when you shoot 24p so they had to kick up the ISO to get a proper exposure for the interiors but the good thing with this test footage is being able to see the grain pattern of the GH5 and I’m very happy to see much less RGB and more monochrome grain. This is huge for the GH5 and will be a lot easier to clean since you can back off a little to keep some of the grain in. Noise isn’t a bad thing just ugly noise is.

Enjoy some GH5 footy and have some fun with it in post!

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  1. David Patterson says:

    Erik – Thanks for the info and links. The GH5 looks like a substantial upgrade over the GH4. Lots of important new features that make this the most “pro” GH camera yet.

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