Panasonic recommendations for better continuous AF with the GH5

April 15, 20171 Comment

As I’ve been playing with the GH5 I’ve noticed some very inconsisitant behavior when using “Continuous AF” in 24p. I wrote about it here on I made my conclusions on using it and moved on. I like the GH5 more with every use. It performs better than other camera’s and also has some weakness. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again.

There is no perfect camera

With that enjoy the strengths and find workarounds for the stuff that’s not so great.

In a rare move Panasonic responded to the Lumix Luminary PhotoJoseph on YouTube regarding the not so great performance of Continuous AF in video.

“We recommend to select 1-area AF in 30p or 60p frame rate for more comfortable Auto Focus speed. When you select 24p, 1-area AF is recommended.

If you are still experiencing slower than desired AF, Panasonic suggests to override AF by pressing the shutter button halfway down.”

Panasonic pledges to further improve the AF quality

Now we have a workaround for the GH5. If you’re like me and want to use the AF feature in 24p not 60p.

I do feel “Continuous AF” in 60p works pretty well. The good news here is Panasonic will be working on improving “Continuous AF” in 24p. Since they have a firmware update for 400mbps in All-I coming this summer hopefully more fixes will be included as well.

Now back to shooting!

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  1. VanWeddings says:

    Great to hear this from Panasonic! The GH5 is such a perfect gimbal cam that any AF improvement would be a big deal.

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