Panasonic mystery camera new tease video. Unveiled in 1 week at Cine Gear Expo

May 24, 20171 Comment

One week away until Cine Gear Expo and i’ll be there for The most exciting thing this year is the Panasonic Mystery Cinema Camera and Panasonic has given us another sneak peak at the new arrival with this video. I’ll have to admit i’m very interested in what the camera is. Below is the VariCam LT for comparison.

panasonic varicam LT Side

The gap it’s filling is huge between a GH5 and VariCam LT.

panasonic mystery camera

A very clever DVXuser member put the images together to get a better idea of what the body could look like.  Interesting right? A few notable features I can see.

  • ND Filter/ Variable?
  • Iris Wheel
  • 3 Preset Buttons
  • Menu
  • Scroll Wheel for Menu
  • Playback or possibly thumbnail capture
  •  Waveform monitor button
  • Audio level and input controls

Notably missing is an EVF or viewfinder. I’ve always been disappointed with cameras in the sub $10k range. Manufacturers seem to think viewing the image is a luxury item. Let’s hope that an optional EVF is offered or at least some way to power and plug in a third party one like the Zacuto eye. That would be a nice option to have a dedicated port for a EVF.

The lens looks to be a Sigma zoom, so I think it’s safe to assume it’s an S35 sensor. I’m starting to think it’s moved to more of a VariCam mini than a few steps up from a GH5. It appears modular and the handle with LCD doesn’t look very robust. Reminds me of the Sony FS5‘s viewfinder design.

Things are getting interesting. The GH5 has been working out great for me. I like the color and image a lot. Very nice improvement over former models. The big questions for me about this new cinema camera are.

  • Frame Rates
  • Media used
  • Resolutions
  • internal codec
  • Price

You can’t get that info from the blurry camera shots. LOL! All will told in 1 week. Please check out my posts from Cine Gear Expo on I think we will have a few surprises worth reading about.

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  1. Al says:

    Let’s hope it doesn’t use P2 cards.

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