Frazee Paint Commercial

Frazee Paint

This shoot was great fun. We shot the commercial at Balboa Park’s International Villages. Most people never go to this part of the park. It consist of several small houses that are little museums. For our purpose it was perfect. Looks just like a historical San Diego neighborhood. The AF-100 worked perfect for the shoot with the shallow depth of field the micro four thirds sensor delivers. It hides the fact that its not a real neighborhood. We used a two foot Igus slider for the dolly shots. For lenses I used a Zeiss ZF 85mm and the Voigtlander 25mm MFT. Great lens combo, both are very fast and sharp primes. The paint can in the final shot was the Voigtlander 25mm. I tried several different aperture settings to get just the right amount of separation but not to lose the emotion with the girl hugging her father. The dolly shots are all Zeiss 85mm.

Andy Larson the Director and Producer made the cardboard house. That was a lot of work. After three hours in the sun and breeze the house had a few malfunctions and blew over. We all grabbed some duct tape, which of course can fix anything, and patched her up. Back to shooting. This was a fun project and the commercial looks good to me. I like the pace and feel it came together nicely in the edit. Very little color correction was required mostly levels where adjusted to give a more filmic contrast to the image.

This commercial was shot with the Sony F3 and RED 17-50, Zeiss 85mm. Two lens shoot. For lighting we used a couple of Kino Flow Divas.

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