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I have a broadcast television background. I started in the business over 20 years ago. Photojournalism was my start.Working in local news rooms in several different markets from Bakersfield, CA to Washington, DC. Fast paced news gathering has had a big impact on me as a photographer.  I make quick decisions on site and I’m always looking for the next shot to capture. Don’t get me wrong, I like slowing down and getting into the moment as well.

In the last 10 years I’ve moved over to the commercial production world. It’s great to use the toys that production demands. Bring out the dolly and the jib for this shot! I’ve been lucky to be honored with ten Emmy awards and three Telly’s for my work.  My passion is nature video and photography.

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Want to reach me by email? CONTACT ME. If you have a question about gear and it relates to an article please leave a comment on the post page and I will do my best to answer it. I prefer this because the answers can also help others too! Thanks!

Gear I use.

I now shoot primarily with the Canon C300 and C100, Panasonic AF-100 and a GH3  I  like and use the Panasonic GH3 a lot for stills and the video is also very good. These three cameras are amazing! The AF-100 has really changed the way I shoot.  I didn’t get into the DSLR rage a few years ago because it required so many work-arounds to get them to work like a proper video camera.  The results from using DSLR cameras are really good, and people have made wonderful videos with them.  I have used them for b-roll only and like the results.

The AF-100 is the first camera to crossover and merge large CMOS sensor cameras for video use and it gets great shallow DOF that I like a lot.  I’ve spent so many years shooting with 2/3 chip CCD cameras that struggle with shallow DOF, now with fast SLR lenses I’m achieving the look of a filmmaker.  So sweet! Recently I now have the C300 to use and it’s a great camera. Technology is moving so fast these days it’s hard to keep up. I’m trying my hardest to do just that and loving every minute of it!

I wanted to start a blog so I can share my experiences as a DP and Editor and a gear head. Poke around and hopefully you will get something out of the content. In order to keep this blog going I have added a few affiliates. B&H, Adorama, Zacuto,  Amazon and Think Tank Photo are great companies that sell the tools that I use, and if you use these links on my site I get a little love back from them. It’s not much but every little bit helps offset the expense and time I spend on this site. I want to up my game and get more reviews out and grow this site, so thank you for helping me bring more content to share. I also want you to know that I don’t get paid for doing reviews.  The reviews I have done are for products that I have bought and use or provided my venders whether it be direct or from the distributor. If I ever get the opportunity to review a piece of equipment that was sent to me by a manufacturer I will let you know upfront, but my opinion will be mine about the product. In other words I won’t be paid to give a favorable review. That would defeat the purpose of this blog as a resource for gear. I also feel you should always do your research before you buy and that includes reading other blogs and form a educated opinion if a piece of gear is right for you. We all have different needs and no one piece of gear is perfect for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by!

Erik Naso

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  1. Paul Richards says:

    Hi Erik, Really enjoyed your video on Vimeo, I come from a photographic background with, sorry, Nikon Cameras, I have a great stock of fast Nikon zooms and prime lenses most of which are 2.8 or less.
    I have not done video work for twenty years but I was pulled in by the AG AF 101. So back to the drawing board so to speak. I have the Pana 14-140 lens which seems quite good but its a still quite a learning curb when it comes to post production,Photoshop CS5 is a lot easier. I gone for FCP X and are slowly getting there
    Kindest Regards Paul Richards Leeds West Yorkshire UK

    • Erik Naso says:

      Hi Paul.
      No need to be sorry. Nikon makes great cameras. I love the Nikon lenses for the AF-100. In fact I recommend them over most others since they work so well with the AF-100 camera. You are well ahead of the game with those fast Nikons. Remember. Its all about composition and getting great sound. That is the building blocks of video. Enjoy! The AF-100 is a great camera and you will love it!

  2. Jon F. says:

    Hey Erik,

    I felt the same way about the whole DSLR thing. I didn’t get into it a while back because they lacked a lot of professional options. I was trained on professional over the shoulder cameras too. Now with the AF100, it’s awesome! Great shallow depth of field without all the DSLR workarounds.

    Check out my site when you get the chance. Any suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Hunter says:

    In a post on another site, you said you rented some Zeiss CP.2 lenses. It looks like you live in San Diego. Where in San Diego did you rent these lenses? Thanks.

  4. Have really enjoyed watching your work.
    Polished professional you are.
    I’ve got 20 years in as well.

    I come from corporate but have done quite a few shorts and doc work.
    I transitioned recently to these 2 cams and am very happy.
    But I have to admit I generally shoot more jobs with my underdog cam the GH2.
    I bought a 2nd GH2 because I want to do the hack at 50-70mb per second.
    A friend did it and is amazed.

    I don’t need the prestige of Cannon and Nikon yet :)
    Plus my photography work on this cam has really brought my skills to another level.
    BTW: I just picked up the Olympus PEN Lens 45mm which for you and I is a 90mm.
    This is the best lens I have EVER used for stills OR video.
    Amazing and only $399!

    Take a look at my work if you like.
    I am getting better using these cams.
    I’m in the Long Beach area.

    • Erik Naso says:

      Hi Charles.

      Thanks for your kind words. You do great work. I also love the GH2 camera. I use mine more for time-lapse and stills and it’s fantastic. The size and weight is unbeatable. No excuse to not bring it with you anywhere you go. I do wish the rolling shutter was less. If it was I would shoot more video with it. Maybe the GH3 will be improved. I’m committed to the Micro Four Thirds format and the lenses are very good. The new Lumix X line will really make the GH line shine. Hopefully Panasonic will introduce a new AF-100 next year with even better IQ at a reasonable price just like the first generation AF-100.

      Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

  5. Dan McGuckin says:

    Hi Erik, I was just wondering how you were liking the C100 so far? We are about to upgrade our current setup, ( Panasonic HMC40 & Canon 550D ) and this is the camera I was thinking of purchasing. Seems great for the price.
    Also I see you purchased the Rokinon 35mm Cine lenses, how are they working with the C100? They are my next investment to go with my Canon 70-200 and Tamron 24-70.
    Also using a Sigma 30mm 1.4.

    • Erik Naso says:

      I like the image I get form the C100. Nice camera. Ergo and lighter than the C300. I wish it had more frame rate options. Hopefully they can give us this in a future firmware update but I’m not counting on it.

      The cine 35mm Rokinon is great! Super fast and super sharp. So is the 85mm. Please Rokinon make a fast 50mm that is as good as the 35 and 85mm! I’m in need.

      As you add lenses make sure they match. Test them for color. I have the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 and it’s a very cold lens (cooler in tone) and doesn’t match my Rokinons at all. The Rokinons are warm. If I was using them together then I would have to do a lot of color correcting. Make sure your lenses match and save time in post.

  6. Ron Marrazzo says:

    Hey Eric,

    Just ordered a C100 from TMS. We seem to be paralleling purchasing cameras, not too sure I’m going to dump my AF100 just yet. Had a shoot with it today and still love the images it produces.
    My C100 arrives Friday and i’m looking forward to learning how to grade footage.
    Looking forward to seeing more C100 stuff on your site.

  7. Your blog was one of the many site that I read to make a decision on getting a c100. Can’t wait to start using it at the church I go to. This will be one of my firs professional camera. Been using a Sony hxrmc50u. Finally I decided to step up a little bit more. Now time to get new lens

  8. Bev Woodworth says:

    Just found your informative blog today. Am just about ready to buy a C100 now that the autofocus upgrade became available. My only hesitation is I worry that the camera has been around for 2 or three years and I’m afraid of getting in on the tail end of the technology.

    I’m doing some video journalist/ freelance shooting for KPBS in San Diego and docs. I will need for my new cam to last me maybe 5 years of professional use. Should I be looking at another camera, maybe one with 4k?

    • Erik Naso says:

      Hi Bev. This is a question I get a lot! As of today I would say wait until after NAB. Never buy gear two months before NAB. It’s my rule. I do break it sometimes. We are in a big change with 4K. In local broadcast it really doesn’t mean anything. I don’t see local news being broadcast in 4K anytime soon. So what is the benefit of shooting in 4k? The only one for use broadcasters is recomposing in post. You can basically punch in interviews and b-roll since you have twice the resolution. The C100 is a very good camera and the investment in lenses is more than the camera so it’s worth waiting to see if the next camera you will want can use the lenses that you also invested in.

  9. Bev Woodworth says:

    Points well taken, Erik. Great advice. I’ll wait till after NAB. Thanks so much!

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