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UPDATE 5/13/2013.

Team Tilta is no longer in business so this post is pretty much toast.

Quote from Comment posted by Alex with Intellytech The new Distributers For Tilta Products In The US.

Hey this is Alex with Intellytech. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are now officially the US Tilta distributor. We have many of the products in stock and we ship most products the same business day.

I was also writing to clarify on something. A lot of people have been asking us about “Team Tilta.” I wanted to make it clear that Team Tilta was not affiliated with Tilta. They just used Tilta’s name in their business name. Please visit our website to find Tilta products, http://www.intellytechusa.com.

I wanted to have a permanent location for Tilta sales information. It seems that I get a lot of traffic for Tilta products so I felt it would be easier for folks to find it here instead of the blog roll. I will update this page with new offers and hopefully some exclusive ones as well.

If your interested in purchasing Tilta products Tilta has a new retail website now. Sort of. Here is how it works. You need a referral to register for access to the retail site. Then you can buy Tilta products including the base plate. It seems Tilta is trying to roll out slow because they can’t handle the demand so this is what they decided to do.

The best way for me to do this is for you to post a comment below  I will submit your email address to Tilta and they will send you a link to register. It’s kind of complicated but that’s how it is. I wont post your email address in the comment section. Tilta processes the registration fast. For me it took less than five minutes.

Please help support my blog by using this link for Amazon.com. It cost you nothing extra but helps support my blog. Thanks!

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  1. Hi!,

    How can I get an invite to Tilta’s site so I can purchase their products? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.



  2. Jonathan Belda says:

    Hey Erik,
    Thanks for the info, I would like to be referred to the tilta site as well, their products look interesting. I’m looking for a FF and matte box.

  3. David Kiang says:


    I’d like to be invited to Tilta’s site so I could purchase their products as well.



  4. Frank Baglino says:

    Interested in purchasing Tilta gear.



  5. Marc McMullan says:

    Would love to see there site thanks.

  6. Jay Fisk says:

    Hi – Appreciate the Tilta invitation. Also just noticed on RedUser that you ‘may’ be selling your Red 17-50 RPZ and a Duclos 11-16 ? I’m looking at both of those for my delayed BMCC – Sort of hedging my bets and hoping BlackMagic does an active EFT version so I can use all my Lumix and Oly lenses (but if they don’t… oh well!) – Appreciate a package price for each or both if still available. Thanks, Jace

  7. Chris Ryan says:

    Interested in getting on the list for the Tilta gear.

  8. Pete OBrien says:

    I am interested in getting access to Tilta’s site.
    Thank you.

  9. Taylor Case says:

    Hi there,
    Looking to purchase some Tilta gear! Thanks for your help.

  10. Corey says:

    Hey can I can get an invite to the Tilta site . I appreciate it.

  11. Erik says:


    I am also interested in that tilta stuff.
    Please help me getting it.

    Happy new year!



  12. J.M. Hwang says:

    Hi, thanks for your good informations.

    I’ve wanted to purchase tilta gears but there was no place to get them.

    Just after I got this info from you, I’m trying to get an invitation to team tilta site, but I still got no reply.

    If you still have invitations available, please send me one.

  13. Keith Martin says:

    Thank you for the very well done review. Please submit my info to Tilta for registration.


  14. Conrad says:

    Hi Erik,

    Would like to get an invite to Tilta’s site.
    Looking to buy BMC rig.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  15. Emilio Guede says:

    Hi, great information here. I’d like to get access to the Tilta site. I’ll appreciate an invite. Thanks so much!


  16. Santi says:

    Hi Erik. Very interesting how you put your rig together. Any chance to invite me to the TILTA website to check their products and most importantly, prices
    Cheers !!

  17. Dallas Childers says:

    Hey Erik. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us all. I wanted to get the runner rig- could you help me with the Team Tilta? Thanks,

  18. andrew turman says:

    Thanks Erik-
    I’d love an invite to Team Tilta, if such is still available.


  19. Brent says:

    Can you please send me a invite I also have a Panasonic 370 but also a canon 5d mmiii and if this works on the canon it would be great. Thanks Brent

    • Erik Naso says:

      Sorry Team Tilta is no more. I updated the post with how you can get Tilta products in the US.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and if you do buy from them let me know how it goes.

  20. Oscar says:

    Good information here.
    I’d like to get access to the Tilta site. I’ll appreciate an invite. Thanks so much!


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