Tilta Now Has New US Distributor

April 10, 201310 Comments

I went to see the Tilta booth at NAB today to ask them how customers in the US can buy their products. They now have a new Distributer Intellytech located in Denver CO. Hung at Tilta doesn’t have much info as to what they’re going to have in stock yet or pricing. Here is the website. http://www.intellytechusa.com/ Also now available at IKAN.com
Let me know if you decide to buy and how it goes.

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I found this today and in he interview Tilta explains what the deal was with Team Tilta. I have to admit this is has gotten kind of weird.

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  1. Random Vaughn says:

    Does Huang have a phone number while in the US? I’m trying to contact them and order directly from their NAB booth.

  2. Jon Furtado says:

    I met with them as well. I recommended they contact Tommy at EVS Camera in Glendale. They seemed pretty clueless that they NEED to have a distributor in LA. It’s the capital of production in North America.

  3. Jeremey says:

    Seems at first glance their prices are quite a bit higher than Team Tilta was with less options :-/

    Hopefully that’s temporary.

  4. Hello,
    What’s the point in Tilta coming to the NAB?
    Apparently nothing they have on display is available to purchase because there is no USA sales associate?
    I received their catalogue at NAB and inquired about several items I want to buy…they couldn’t sell me anything on sales floor due to no inventory because US Customs held their stuff….they gave me a nice catalogue but the email,address in it is never answered. Basically a total waste of my time and theirs..they have some cool items. But if they cannot sell them, what’s the point?
    Anyone have any idea how to reach them?

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