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July 1, 20135 Comments

I didn’t see this coming! Arri has a new Alexa HD camera now that shoots ProRes or DNxHD as a payed upgrade onto internal SXS cards. Pretty sweet! No ArriRAW for the Alexa HD. Same ALEV III CMOS S35 sensor that’s in the big brother or should I say big sister Alexa. (Sounds more like a girls name.) I checked Arri’s website and no mention of the camera. The Alexa HD is an AbelCine Tech exclusive. Why would Arri release a HD camera? I’m sure many projects that shoot with Alexa shoot in ProRes 4:4:4 HD anyway for easier editing, so this would be a cost effective camera that might try to keep you from the C500 or F5, F55 cameras. I can also see this being very popular for rental houses. Not every project needs that extra resolution and HD might just be good enough at a lower cost. Alexa footage has been upscaled just fine and played out on the big screen for a while now and it looks great. Interesting idea.


Arri Alexa

Arri Alexa

Save up those pennies and get that Arri Alexa look for your next HD project.

  • 1920×1080 ProRes recording
  • Super-35 ALEV III CMOS sensor
  • 800 ISO base sensitivity
  • 14 stops of dynamic range
  • Classic Arri ALEXA functionality and build quality

Retail Exclusive From AbelCine.

Body only. $44,008. Also available as a kit for $65,435.

The Alexa HD camera must also include in the purchase the listed items below.

AR-800301 Arri ProRes Codec Option = $5,196
AR-800300 Arri Alexa SxS Module = $7,770
AR-800302 Arri QuickTime File Format Option = $742

This brings the price in at $44,008.

Frame Rates

0.75 – 60 fps forward only, adjustable with 1/1000 precision. Upgrade license for 120 FPS


Electronic color viewfinder with a 1280 x 720 pixel F-LCOS micro display and ARRI LED backlight. Comes with an eyepiece diopter. Optional Viewfinder Extension Bracket VEB-1 and long EVF cable. High-speed interface to camera for very low latency.


1x monitoring out HD-SDI 1.5g (MON OUT)
1x time code (TC)
1x return signal/sync in HD-SDI 1.5g (RET/SYNC IN)
1x headphone jack
1x accessory interface (EXT)
1x audio in XLR 5-pin (AUDIO IN)
2x recording out HD-SDI 3g/1.5g switchable (REC OUT)
1x viewfinder interface (EVF)
1x 24 V power in (BAT)
1x powered network (NET)
2x 24 V accessory power (RS)
1x memory card module
1x 12 V accessory power

Internal SXS Record

1080p Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) or Apple ProRes 4444 QuickTime® HD video with embedded 2-ch audio and ancillary metadata xml-fle.

External (HD-SDI REC OUT)

1080PsF 4:4:4 rgB/4:2:2 YCbCr HD video. Recording frame rates other than HD standard 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94,60 PsF requires a recorder with Variframe support.

Accessories Available

ALEXA has integrated clamps for 15mm rods. ALEXA is compatible to a wide range of production and lightweight matte boxes (15 or 19 mm system), follow focus units, lens control system (LCS) components, wireless remote system (WRS) components, electronic accessories and support systems. Specifically for ALEXA: 19mm rod bridge plate (BP-12), bridge plate adapter (BPA-1) for mounting on standard bridge plates (BP-3/5/8/9), wedge adapter (WA-1) for mounting on the Digi-Cine quick-release base plate (QR-HD1), shoulder pad (SP-3), ALEXA Ethernet Adapter (AEA-1), leveling block (LB-1), viewfinder interface cables, viewfinder mounting bracket (VMB-1), viewfinder extension bracket (VEB-1), electronic viewfinder (EVF-1), ALEXA low mode support set (LMS-3), center camera handle (CCH-1), handle extension block (HEB-2), side camera handle (SCH-1), battery adapter top for gold Mount (BAT-G), battery adapter top for V Mount (BAT-V), battery adapter back for gold Mount (BAB-G), battery adapter back for V Mount (BAB-V), spare fan module (SFM-1), ALEXA rain Shield (ARS-1)

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  1. Bups Jones says:

    LOL, please. I’ll buy a RED Epic instead. LOL haha. #ArriFail

  2. at that Price point I prefer the F55 by far

  3. $65? Come on referee, Open this cam up with a screw driver and you will find nothing inside! 1920×1080 DNXHD And ProRes And A Black box with a (Owner) Supplied Lens, #ArriFail

  4. Adrien says:

    This is good news for the rental market: If you “just” need 1080P and a fast workflow, this, in my opinion, is way better than anything in the market. And i’m sure that anyone who also had the chance to use both Alexa and Epic in the field will agree. If you plan to buy, of course the Red Epic seem a better option(futur proof and multitasking).

  5. I want buy used Arri Alexa HD Camera Body.I am from Sri Lanka.Our Film Industry not profitable business.I want buy used low price Alexa.I understand HD version low price.
    Arri Alexa not yet in Sri Lanka.I have Panasonic P2HD / Canon 5D and Blackmagic.

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