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October 30, 20132 Comments

In this promo I used Volume 2 transitions. So easy and gives the promo a little more energy.

I moved to Premiere Pro CS6 from Final Cut Pro 7 a year ago. In the transition to Adobe I also found transition effects that I loved so dearly in FCP7 from FXfactory didn’t work as well. I had to do this very annoying work around of overlapping and keyframing just to get a :10 transition that used to be a drag and drop to achieve. This was very frustrating and never got resolved.

Then I found TransitionPack Vol.1. Snapped them up and used the heck out of it! and they are true drag and drop right in between two clips and they work perfectly! no multi step workarounds. I have abused these in my work and they have saved me a boat load of time and these 10 effects aren’t cheesy. They are very pro and clean. Here is what you get.

  • Impact Chaos
  • Impact Burn Alpha
  • Impact Burn White
  • Impact Blur to Color
  • Impact Roll
  • Impact Push
  • Impact Blur Dissolve
  • Impact Copy Machine
  • Impact Stretch
  • Impact Flash

Check out the demo.


Now  has a new set of transitions. TransitionPack VOL.2. These are very cool. They do require a OpenGL 3 Graphics card so make sure your system is up to it.

Here is what you get and check out this video to see them in action.

  • Impact Chroma Leaks
  • Impact Directional Blur
  • Impact Earthquake
  • Impact Glass
  • Impact Radial Blur
  • Impact Rays
  • Impact TV Power
  • Impact VHS Damage
  • Impact Wipe
  • Impact Zoom Blur

You can get the bundle for $98 that includes both Volumes 1 and 2. Thats a pretty good deal in my book. Soon Transition Packs 1 and 2 will be updated to V3 with even more flexibility .

When Premiere Pro CC updates to version 7.1 all the parameter controls are directly accessible within the effect controls tab. You can then tweak the parameter controls and see the results instantly!


V3 update uses a new framework and can only be used with Premiere Pro CC. Premiere Pro CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 users can still use the previous versions of the plugins, and do not need to upgrade.

20 cool transitions for under a hundred bucks. Not bad.

Check out for more info and ordering info, oh and customer serves is top notch via email.

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    NBC 7 News is SO good, makes me want to move to San Diego! Thanks Erik!

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