Get Your Zacuto C100 Z-Finder Pro To Stay In Place Without Z-Bands

May 25, 20145 Comments

The Zacuto C100 Z-Finder Pro is a slick way to overcome the EVF issues with the C100. It slips right over the LCD screen turning it into an EVF. Brilliant! The only issue is the Z-Bands don’t hold the C100 Z-Finder in place. Not so brilliant. I stumbled across a fix when I was on facebook. Jim Karnick Films posted a picture on how he fixed it. I was thrilled, so I had to give it try. Fortunately I had a NOGA articulating arm in the bag. I think we all at least one. By attaching it to my Wooden Camera C100 Top Plate. Which is amazing by the way I was able to duplicate the method and it works very well!

Check out the video for how I attached the Zacuto C100 Z-Finder Pro to my C100. I shot this demo in 4K with my Panasonic GH4! Crazy right? Make sure to swithch the Youtube player to 4K for the most unimpressive gratuitous display of me in 4K LOL!

How cool is that! It really works well and was super easy to setup. Try it out, and if you find a better way or a different arm or bracket please leave it in the comments below.





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  1. JR Dziengel says:

    Nice! I like to use a Zacuto EVF Pro attached to a Zacuto baseplate and an edelkrone monitor rod holder — when I need an EVF that is. The Z-finder didn’t have the right feel for my use. I was always worried the weight of it would damage the hinges of the LCD. I tend to use the Petrol Hood LCD shade more and magnify when Running&Gunning. i.e. Event Shooting. Now, I have the C-Cup. So, that with the Petrol Hood will definitely keep it lighter. Thanks and have a great holiday!!

  2. Christopher John Taylor says:

    This is a GREAT fix Erik. We’ll adopt it as standard at TMFI- TaylorMade Film International and our rental house, Atlantic FilmGear for our C100 rentals. HUGE fix, thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Phil Donnison says:

    Excellent workaround! What size is your Noga arm? It looks like about 6″ or so.

  4. Jon Roemer says:

    Erik – do you find the Wooden Camera Top Plate + Shoe Handle Mount gets rid of the little bit of play/wiggle which is present when Canon’s OEM top handle is mounted directly to the camera? (e.g. C300, C100)

    How stable is the top plate itself since it has only one mounting point?


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