List of Canon Lenses That Auto Focus Works Well With Sony A7rII & Metabones IV Adapter

August 9, 20156 Comments

Found this thread on Fred Miranda’ site. The list is current and has a good amount of Canon EF lenses tested and listed. also two great Sigma ART’s. I’ll check back to the thread to update this list if any new ones get tested.

If you have tested any please leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

Here are the current reports. I will keep this list updated as we confirm more lenses. All tested with the latest Metabones IV (0.41). Other adapters may work differently.

Auto focus well with the A7RII:

  1. Canon EF 11-24 f/4L
  2. Canon EF 16-35 f/4L IS
  3. Canon EF 17-40 f/4L
  4. Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8L II
  5. Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II
  6. Canon EF 24-105 f/4L IS (works OK)
  7. Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS II (works OK)
  8. Canon EF 70-200 f/4L IS
  9. Canon EF 14 f/2.8L II
  10. Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye
  11. Canon EF 35 f/1.4L
  12. Canon EF 40 f/2.8 STM
  13. Canon EF 50 f/1.2L
  14. Canon EF 85 f/1.2L
  15. Canon EF 70-200 f/4L
  16. Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 L IS II
  17. Canon EF 400 f/4 DO IS II
  18. Canon EF 500mm f/4 L IS II
  19. Canon EF 600mm f/4 L IS II

Sigma Lenses

  1. Sigma 35 f/1.4 ART
  2. Sigma 50 f/1.4 ART


Does NOT AF well or at all:

  1. Canon EF 50 f/1.4
  2. Canon EF 50 f/1.8
  3. Canon EF 50 f/2.5 macro
  4. Canon EF 85 1.8
  5. Canon EF 100 f/2.8 Macro
  6. Canon EF 100 f/2.8L IS Macro
  7. Canon EF 135 f/2L
  8. Canon EF 200 f/2.8L II
  9. Canon EF 300 f/4L
  10. Canon EF 300 f/4L IS
  11. Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS
  12. Canon EF 70-200 F4 NON-IS older model
  13. Canon EF 100-400L IS II (Longest range)

Conflicting reports

  1. Canon EF 400 f/5.6L


VILTROX EF to E mount adapter

Looks like a newcomer to the adapter world. VILTROX EF-NEX II Canon EF Lens To Sony NEX Cameras Alpha A5000 7R A3000 A7 A7R A6000 Adapter
Check it out with the Canon 600mm F4. Now if it works for sports shooting on this massive lens I would hope it works on the list above.
Wouldn’t mind testing the Metabones side by side with the list above. At $91 it’s a bargain.

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  1. Antico Paul says:


    That list isn’t entirely accurate. I tested two lenses from the “works well” list (24-105 L F4 IS and the 70-200 L F2.8 IS Mark II) and I would say they work OK. sometimes they don’t focus, sometimes they hunt, generally AF better in bright light than low light. I wouldn’t entirely rely on them for taking stills, though I could say they are “usable” in non-pressure, “slow” situations. (Whereas with the A7S for example, just forget it – AF was useless on adapted lenses.)

    It’s a step in the right direction but not nearly as good as native glass, still – for stills.

    For video, AF isn’t really that great unless you’re ok with “wide” for stuff like gimbal shots.

    That said, Canon adapted glass has a HUGE advantage with this camera when used with a Speedbooster. Why? Well, 4K s35 mode is the cleanest mode on this camera. Cleaner than HD FF, S35FF too. It’s about one stop noisier than the A7S (and about 1.5 noisier than the FS7), which is pretty damn good.

    The reason for this is Sony full-scans a 5K S35 sized window on the sensor (no binning) and then down samples it to 4K. This has the neat effect of reducing noise and increasing detail in the S35 crop. When you add a Speedbooster from Metabones, you gain that missing stop back as well as the FF FOV, with little penalty visually, if any. So Canon glass, which works great on that thing, even Samyang/Rokinon manual glass, has a huge step up over most Sony FE lenses when it comes to video. And you get the benefit of IBIS too!

    This is definitely an interesting camera. Lots of compromises but some real nice stuff can come out of it.

  2. John Norton says:

    Hi Erik, I found that the Canon 24-85mm, film-era lens works well with the mk. 4 also, I’ day about 3.5 out of 5, pretty good in good light. did a huge test, also didn’t mention this lens, probably not too many in use today. Main advantage is its not expensive, relatively light weight, good MTF, but poor CA ‘s.

  3. Gustavo says:

    Just tried out my Canon 24-70 f:2.8L Mark I and it works pretty well. You could probably add it to the list.

  4. Lukas says:

    Thanks for doing this list! Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time, I have to tell you, that there’s a new firmware for the metabones adapter:
    I tried it for five minutes in my dimmly lit appartement with my canon 50mm 1.4 which didn’t work at all and with the new firmware it seems to work pretty good, considering that there’s really just one floor lamp and the tv on. Maybe I’ll test it with my Tamron 70-200 2.8 tomorrow, which worked pretty good on the wider end but didn’t stop hunting when near 200mm. Would be very cool, if it improved all those lenses.

    Cheers, Lukas

  5. George says:

    My canon 11-24, metabones speed booster and Sony a7rii does NOT work well (maybe 60%).

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