DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta 6 now available for download

July 26, 20171 Comment

Blackmagic is moving fast with new DaVinci Resolve version 14 and today issued an update to beta 6. It’s a big update that address a lot of different aspects of the software. Below is the full list of fixes and updates.

Download the update HERE

What’s New in DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta 6

  • Added basic support for audio playback from nested timelines and compound clips in the timeline
  • Added support for rendering multiple buses in the Deliver page
  • Added support for AC-3 audio in MTS and Quicktime files on Windows and Mac
  • Added support for additional clip metadata in CinemaDNG files, including shutter, ISO, focal length and lens information
  • Added support for viewing location metadata for QuickTime clips with geotagging
  • Added support for viewing location metadata on Blackmagic Design CinemaDNG clips
  • Improved playback performance of 10-bit 4K H.264 media
  • Improved audio decoding and scrubbing performance for compressed audio codecs
  • Added support for an option to switch between overwrite mode and layering mode when editing audio clips
  • Added support for onboarding in DaVinci Resolve 14
  • Added support for RED Wide Gamut colorspace and Log3G10 gamma in Resolve Color Management
  • Added options for simple tone mapping in Resolve FX Gamut Mapping to compress/expand the default mapping
  • Improved controls for the Face Refinement plugin including finer tint control, upper lip smoothening and aging effects
  • Added support for manual IP configuration for DaVinci Mini panels
  • Added a media pool option to only Show Clips with Audio or Show All Clips in the Fairlight page
  • Added ability to access the Bus Assign dialog in the Deliver page
  • Added support for manually updating thumbnails in the Project Manager
  • Added support to ARRI look (CDL + LUT) for Alexa SXT Quicktime clips
  • Improved color match behavior for X-Rite Color Checker Classic color chart
  • Added support for Two-up/Four-up editing previews to show the composited view when trimming against a gap
  • Reorganized the Workspace menu
  • Addressed an issue where scrolling vertically on the Edit page may cause some clips to be invisible
  • Addressed an issue in the Fairlight page where fade-in and fade-out handles of the same audio clip could be dragged to overlap one another
  • Addressed issues with mouse actions on locked tracks on the Fairlight page
  • Addressed an issue where the state of the Dim Volume mode would not be persisted across an application restart
  • Addressed an issue where playback was stopped when finishing the recording of an audio clip
  • Addressed an issue where enabling automation for a stereo track would create a 5dB offset between the left and right channels
  • Addressed an issue where clips could not be dragged into some tracks in the Fairlight page after a project loa
  • Addressed inconsistent behavior when selecting or editing clips in locked tracks in the Fairlight page
  • Addressed an issue where stepping frames in the source viewer would not play audio
  • Addressed an issue where playing clips with audio tracks from a network drive would result in audio artifacts
  • Addressed an issue where editing the In/Out points of a timeline audio clip in the source viewer would not work
  • Addressed a crash when adding adaptive tracks of more than 8 channels
  • Addressed an issue where crossfades placed on clips on the top layer would not fade across layers
  • Addressed an issue where changing a track name in the Fairlight page would not reflect on the Edit page
  • Addressed an issue where marking and deleting a portion of an audio-video clip would leave the right side unlinked
  • Addressed an issue where adding a timeline clip to the timeline via the timeline viewer overlay would sometimes cause a crash
  • Addressed inconsistent behavior when editing linked clips with Linked Selection turned on/off
  • Addressed inconsistent behavior with snapping of audio clips in the Edit page
  • Addressed an issue with the SDI output when performing a Timeline Compare
  • Addressed a crash when decomposing multiple compound clips in place
  • Addressed a crash when using some Red Giant Universe OFX plugins on Windows
  • Addressed an issue where adding a clip to a new color group invalidated its render cache
  • Addressed a sensitivity issue with Editing sizing controls on the DaVinci Resolve Mini panel
  • Addressed an issue where grading controls on DaVinci Mini Panels would become unresponsive in the Cinema Viewer mode in a Collaboration project
  • Addressed an issue where opening a collaboration project with a different Resolve version would log out existing users
  • Addressed an issue where the Advanced stabilizer would not produce good results on retimed clips
  • Addressed an issue where performing window tracking would sometimes jump to the next clip
  • Addressed an where the stabilization would only get applied to one eye on a stereoscopic 3D timeline
  • Addressed an issue with generating LUTs in Resolve Color Management, ACES and ACEScc projects
  • Addressed an issue with the ResolveFX match move plugin where on-screen controls temporarily became unresponsive after loading a saved project
  • Addressed an issue where having both the Gallery and OpenFX visible in low resolution screens led to overlapping UI elements
  • Addressed an issue where dragging bins between media pool windows would not work
  • Addressed an issue where changes to a clip’s Dynamic Zoom would not invalidate its render cache
  • Addressed an issue where searching Media Pool entries by marker notes would cause a crash
  • Addressed an issue where floating Media Pool windows may be hidden under the main window when switching applications in Linux and Windows
  • Addressed an issue where navigating using arrow-keys in the Media Pool would not work correctly
  • Addressed an issue in Linux where Resolve would not respond after opening a Fusion Connect clip till Fusion was closed
  • Addressed an issue where the alpha channel for DNxHR 444 Quicktime clips would not be rendered on Windows and Linux
  • Addressed an issue where Resolve would sometimes crash on exit after opening some H.264 clips
  • Addressed an issue where stills would not get copied and saved correctly when performing a Save As on a project
  • Addressed an issue where playing back 23.976 fps clips in the Color page would give a warning about non-native video rates
  • Addressed an issue where a disconnected PostgreSQL database would show as incompatible
  • Addressed an issue where some render jobs would incorrectly warn of insufficient write permissions
  • Addressed an issue where copying a clip in media management copied all mattes in the project
  • Addressed an issue where Revert to Save would sometimes lead to a crash
  • Addressed an issue where the sources for an HDRx clip were inverted when grading the clip in a group
  • General performance and stability improvements

Woof! That’s a lot of updates. As I’m posting this I’m also installing the update. I’ll have a post on Newsshooter.com this week on my experience editing from start to finish with DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta 5. Make sure to check  it out!

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