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Thanks for visiting eriknaso.com! I put a lot of time and effort in this site and I do so on my own spare time. I say spare because I dont get paid to do this. I work full time as a DP/editor at a local broadcast station in San Diego and spend my available time doing reviews and writing articles on topics that interest me as well as offering up tips on video production. Hopefully this site helps you in some way.

To keep up with the expense of running a website I have add a few sponsors. These are companies that I trust and buy my gear from. By using these links I get a small percentage from them. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to use the links. This is a great easy way to help.

Please support eriknaso.com by bookmarking the following links so when you go shopping for that hot new camera or even just a HDMI cable it will really help me keep this site running.

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Thanks for your support and I look forward to improving and growing eriknaso.com into a great place for content you like.


Erik Naso

These retailers are the same ones I use to buy my gear. I trust them and they support me. Please use these links. It really helps keep this site going. If your a big Amazon fan like me check out my aStore for products I like.

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Thanks for coming by! Please help support my site by using the links on this page or bookmark these from my favorite retailers, B&HAdorama, ZacutoAmazon.com & Think Tank Photo. Using the links cost you nothing extra, but it helps offset the cost of running my blog. Thanks again for coming by eriknaso.com!

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