AF-100 Lumix 7-14mm Zeiss ZF 85mm

Promo Shot With AF-100 Lumix 7-14mm Zeiss ZF 85mm

I shot this super quick to turn it around same day. Heck more like same hour! Love the Lumix 7-14mm! So fun to use, and the field of view is simply awesome. The Zeiss ZF 85mm has turned out to be my favorite lens, what a beautiful bokeh it has, smooth as butter and oh so fast. I set this shot at F 1.8. I had the concept on how I wanted to shoot it but the reporter had a live shot at 4pm so He was a little anxious to get it done. I promised it would only take a few minutes. It took less than than ten. Audio is a little rough, Shot handheld with 7-14 shots, not perfect but I still like it. Hope you do to.

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  1. Jon F. says:

    I’ve been curious about the 7-14mm. Do you think this is the “go-to” wide on the Af100? I’ve been looking for a good wide myself for a while.

    • Erik Naso says:

      The Lumix 7-14 is a amazing lens. The distortion is low considering how wide it is. At its widest of 7 (14mm) if the subject is close to the middle of the shot they don’t look stretched out and the corners don’t have the fisheye look. I always find a way to sneak this lens into a production and its just plain fun to use. Save up some coin and get one.

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