Sunday In The Park -Panasonic GH3

I received my copy on 12-2-2012 and the next day busted out the manual and did a little reading then off to Balboa Park to shoot some footage. I didn’t really have a plan just wanted to see how the new GH3 performed. I also have the Lumix 35-100. Nice lens. All the footage is ungraded. I haven’t tied to push it around yet in post but from the looks of the image I have some room to work with. From what I can tell the camera handles highlights pretty well. The over-cranking looks nice and smooth. Nice feature to have on a DSLR.
For more about my shooting experience with the GH3 click on the link.

Basic settings.
AVCHD 24P 24Mbps
Standard All set to 0
Edited with Premiere Pro CS6 with the native files. Exported and converted with Adobe Media Encoder with Vimeo preset 1080 24p
No grading was done to any of the footage.

So you probably wondering why I shot this in AVCHD at 24Mbps when I could have had the higher quality 72Mbps ALL-Intra? Well I forgot to change it back after shooting a little around the house. Oh well. I guess it’s now the AVCHD 24Mpbs test!

Audio was captured with the Rode VideoMic Pro VMP Shotgun Microphone.

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