Lens Adapters For Micro 4/3 AF-100

June 7, 20110 Comments

MFT Adapters

If your buying or just purchased a Panasonic GH2 or AF-100 and have a few Nikon or Canon lenses you will need to get a lens adapter to use them with the Micro Four Thirds system. I have tried several different models and have found that for the most part you get what you pay for, unfortunately you really pay a high price for the better ones. The best ones cost $300 to $400.  Unfortunately there are no mid-priced adapters available that I know of,  and the lower cost versions cost $25 to $40.

Here is the list of my favorite Micro Four Thirds adapters that I have put to the test. MORE>>

Fotodiox MFT Nikon G Adapter



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