Run your AF-100 and more with a Gold Mount or V-Mount battery

March 7, 20120 Comments

Charging batteries for long shooting days can be a hassle. I have three batteries for my AF-100 and one charger. I will pretty much use them up on a big shooting day. I’ve been wanting to power my camera with a AB gold mount for some time now and finally got around to researching my options and finding the right product that suits my needs.

One option is a Anton Baur gold mount plate that has a AF-100 battery adapter hard wired to it. This is a good option if you only need one extra port which on this model would be a D-Tap. Another option is a messy system by Dolgan that has a mini voltage regulator in between the cable. This is to bulky for me. With the Anton Baur plate you still need to buy a cheese plate and block to add it to your rig. That makes this option expensive. The plate cost $200 alone. Add the mounting hardware and your close to $500. MORE>


Six dollars and some solder = DONE!

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