NAB 2012. Yes!!! I’m finally here!

April 13, 20120 Comments

It’s been years since I’ve gone to NAB. The last time I was here I was 20 something and had long hair wearing my GM’s badge so I could walk the floor. I remember exhibiters looking at the title and then looking at me not sure if I was for real or not. But you know what most of the time they talked to me like I was the GM because you never know.

Well this year I ‘m not pretending to be anyone but an eager gear head that wants to see all the amazing gear that will come out later this ear and in 2013. I’m looking forward to going to Panasonic’s presser for the Shoot It Share winners announcement and hopefully some news on new cameras! Then it’s it’s off to Sony presser. I think a F5 will be announced. We shall see.

A highlight for me is the RED party on Sunday night. This should be crazy fun! All this on Sunday!

On Monday and Tuesday  I will troll the convention floor and take it all in. I brought my GH2 and a RODE shotgun mic so if I see some cool stuff I will shoot it and share it. Sorry Panasonic for stealing your line 🙂

More to come but for now it’s time to spend some time with my beautiful bride bridget.

Oh and by the way it’s our 16th. anniversary today!

If your at NAB please send me a tweet or message @eriknaso and I would love to meet you!

Happy Shooting!!

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