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June 26, 201212 Comments

I’ve been looking for a follow focus for some but with everything else I needed I just couldn’t afford to get the one I wanted. Follow focuses are a tricky little device. They have to work well or your better off not using one. The ones that do work well cost a bunch. Like order a grand! So finding a good follow focus that won’t break the bank is not that easy. Well I found this company that’s out of China that makes a pretty good and affordable unit. They only sell on Ebay and the product comes direct from China.

The kit comes with four lens gears. .61mm, .72mm, .81mm, and a .90mm. They work well. A little on the bulky side but not bad. The white marking disk is removable and is held on by a magnet. It’s solid and doesn’t wobble or move because of a notch on the disk that sets into a pin on the base. Trusmt makes three models NF1, NF2, NF4. I purchased the NF4. This model has the articulating arm similar to the Arri model. I didn’t have much success with it. Couldn’t keep the arm in place. No matter how tight I got it the arm would loosen and lose contact with the lens. I tried to modify it with lock washers and nylon washers but nothing worked.

I had another bigger issue as well. The follow focus from the first day I received it was very stiff. In fact It got stiffer the more I used it, and then It started to grind. I realized that I had a defective unit and contacted Trusmt. They sent a replacement out pretty quickly free of all charges. I should’ve mentioned to Trusmt that I was having issues with the articulating arm as well but the language barrier was little tough. I then asked for a replacement for the articulating arm telling them I didn’t like it and if I could get the NF1 version instead. He was reluctant at first because they just sent me a new follow focus to replace the defective one. I asked if we could split the shipping and they agreed. So basically I have a new NF1 follow focus now.

The NF4 has a drop in style rail mount. I didn’t like it very much. It was loose on my rails and I had to use a strip of gaffers tape inside the slot to make it fit without wobble. Lots of issues for me with the NF1. I was glad to get rid of that one.

The NF1 is pretty darn good. I like it a lot. Its smooth and fits nice and tight on the rails. Not fancy like the NF4 but I don’t need fancy. I need a solid working follow focus and that’s exactly what I have now. Sure it took some time to get it right but thats ok. I saved a chunk of change and have what I need now.

To see all the models Trusmt sells visit their store on ebay.

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  1. Bernie Rao says:

    Hi Erik, great review. I’ve been having lots of problems with follow focus units and I was thinking about going Red Rock Blue. Watching your review was reassuring. I think I’ll give the trusmt a shot. Thanks

    • Erik Naso says:

      It’s a pretty good follow focus for the money. Make sure you don’t get the articulating arm. Not very good at least for me. The Tilta also looks pretty nice. It’s more expensive at $420. I haven’t seen one yet but would like to try one out. I will send you a referral so you can check them out.

      • Bernie Rao says:

        Yeah, thanks! That articulating arm seems like a good idea but also a recipe for disaster. Maybe they’ll improve their design soon. I already own their Cage for the 5dmkII and after a year using it I’m still a happy costumer, so I know they can build quality stuff, I ordered a NF1 because I really need a FF urgently. I had a look at the lanparte, it looks pretty solid, and you can actually disassemble the gear box which sounds like a good idea, but it sells for 440 Dollars… I used to own an RJ V1, a Gini Follow focus and a Red Rock V2. All of them failed after a while and the gini actually broke in half! So now I’m really looking for something simple and functional let’s see if the NF1 delivers 🙂 keep up the good work!

  2. bernie rao says:

    Hi Erik. I’ve bought my Trusmt Follow Focus NF1 and got it today and it’s incredibly stiff! I’ll have to return it… Could you have a look at my video and tell me if that first defective Trusmt follow focus you got was like this? Mine is starting to grind now…


    • Erik Naso says:

      I had the same problem. MIne was very stiff then after using it a few times it then started to grind. TrustMT replaced it and the new one has much less resistance and is smoother. It has worked perfectly. I want to try the Tilta follow focus out. It costs s little more but still a value.

  3. Bob Naran says:

    Hi Erik

    Nice review!

    I’m thinking about buying a Trusmt NF1 but I saw on your site elsewhere that you changed to the Tilta? So you no longer recommed the Trusmt? It looked smooth as butter with that cine lens in the video.Thanks

    • Erik Naso says:

      I didn’t replace the Trusmt. I decided to purchase a Tilta to try it out. Both are very good for the price. The Tita is about $100 more but you get some performance improvements for it. The two stage drag is nice. Less is great for cine lenses. More for SLR. The Tilta is heavier but the build is nicer. Either way you get a good follow focus for a low price.

  4. Nate Ilardi says:

    Whats there phone number I also have a defective product, Thanks
    I couldn’t get the number from the us to china to work

  5. Jim says:

    I just got the TRUSMT NF1 and it’s very stiff. No way of adjusting friction? I reached out to ebay seller but have not heard back.

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