Testing Out The Panasonic LUMIX G X VARIO 12-35mm

August 27, 20126 Comments

I spent two hours at The Mission San Diego to get a few test shots with the new Lumix 12-35. I just reviewed some of the footage and I’m pleased with the performance so far. I had a couple issues with shooting indoors so I wanted to try it outside in different  lighting conditions. The color rendition is very nice with this new Lumix. I did use a polarizer because well you kind of have to if your shooting outside in bright sun. Here are a few frame grabs from Premiere Pro CS6. I love that feature! These are all ungraded. and the camera was on a slider with a little breeze going on so take that in consideration for sharpness. I shot in 24p with the shutter set to 60.

For the full review please click here.


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I'm a broadcast DP In San Diego. I enjoy sharing what I'm working on and testing new equipment. This blog is also part of giving back. I've learned so much from so many people.

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  1. Mário Matos says:


    Can’t wait to see more of this lens… it looks nice (natural color and sharpness), although some times the image seems to drag the frames through time (01:04-07). I don’t know if it’s due to vimeo compression rates or if the footage will be natively like that (it would be a shame).

    If the parfocal function actually works as well as expected this will be a major addition to the buy the AF100 list of arguments… with so many great alternatives coming out soon in the same price-range and capabilities-wise, the option of having a lens like this one and the announced 35-100 (also parfocal) will be a definitely plus point against the competition, especially when we compare the quality and price of the possible combos (recording devices+camera+lenses) of the alternatives in the AF100 cost tag.

    Awesome video. Amazing scenery.
    Good job!

  2. Eric Martin says:

    Great looking test – thx for posting. Do you mind sharing your scene file settings?

  3. Mário Matos says:


    We can add on to your test footage a quick “testing the video capabilities of the Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35 Lens (on an AF101)”:

    I found it to be pretty interesting. The author gives us a look into the main concerns about the lens (that will probably be the same as the future 35-100 and subsequent additions to this Lumix line). You can judge for yourself vital features like the parfocal ability, rack focus, image stabilization (OIS) and the lens behavior during pan movements. All of that on both the initial and end focal lengths with the Panasonic AF100.

    By the look of Erik’s video and this one it looks like an amazing lens for the price and a big step up to MFT, a format that has seen astonishing glass being released in exclusive, something that can’t be said about the S35, which besides higher price tags (normal because of what the sensor size requires) has also less choice options. After the GH3 I just hope for 2013 to see the AF100 successor, since its 3 years cycle concludes in December of ‘13… so Panasonic may announce an AF200 in the last trimester.

    Best regards.

  4. des says:

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the beautiful looking test! I bought this lens to shoot a documentary in Germany, and overall am happy with it, but I did notice a bit of fisheye distortion at the widest focal length. Have you experienced anything similar?

    • Erik Naso says:

      I havent. You can expect some at 12mm since that is a wide angle but I found it acceptable. I haven’t compared the look to other lenses like a Nikon 24mm on a full frame camera. You have to remember that on MFT native lenses are full frame no cropping so if you’re used to shooting with a 7D or a APS-C camera with 35mm lenses you get a cropped image and that will take a lot of the wide angle out of a 24mm lens.

  5. des says:

    Oh and yes I was using it on the AF100.

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