Panasonic Shows Consumer 4K Camera At CES

January 19, 20136 Comments

Panasonic 4K Prototype Camera

Panasonic 4K Prototype Camera

Panasonic is finally showing a new camera off and this one is 4K. It’s a “working proof of concept prototype” so no model number so it’s possibly just a shell of a camera with a 4K sensor that will be in several different cameras. Sound familiar? and I have no idea about the sensor being used. The question wasn’t asked at all about what’s inside this plastic shell. Oh man dont you want to know? In this video clip with a Panasonic rep. he says the goal is to have 4K out from HDMI. Crazy stuff. Looks like NAB 2013 could be big for Panasonic. Last year no new camera models where introduced but a prototype 4K Varicam was shown. Haven’t heard much about it since. Panasonic technology was the big deal in 2012. AVC Ultra and Micro P2 are clearly the go to formats for any new cameras that’s going to be introduced. Again nothing new on this.

Videomaker gave Panasonic Best Of Show for this prototype. Lets hope the feedback from the show will get Panasonic motivated to releasing some pro line digital cinema cameras. Hmmm? Maybe a 4K AF-4000? Heck I would be happy with a 2K Micro Four Thirds version. We shall see? Does this get you excited? It kind of did for me.

Check out the video. Unfortunately no info on the sensor or formats other than 4K and HD.

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  1. Could it be? An AF-100 version with this new 4K sensor? If so I think it will be around $7/8k because they just released a minor update (AF100A). Let’s wait and see what’s to come… I really want a more advanced MFT professional grade camera. The AF100 it’s really outdated.

  2. Erik Naso says:

    You and me both Mario. The 4K Varicam they showed at NAB was a S35 sensor. I hope they don’t skip Micro Four Thirds but it’s very possible since S35 is so popular.

  3. Oh, Okay. I didn’t know it was S35. I assumed it had a MFT sensor. That’s actually a plus (not lenses-wise) because of the new Metabones Speed Booster adapter (if its use gives us more of a full frame real look) but I’m concerned about the lens mount (it appears to be fixed lenses only) and the lack of RAW format. For the consumer level it’s going to be an amazing camera but when it comes down to professional use these problems will make me run from this option. I just hope they make a professional version of it for us.

  4. Mike G. says:

    Ah but if the new AF100 replacement is S35 they surely would have a cropping mode in it for MFT no?

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