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Bracket1 Quick Plate On C300

Bracket1 Quick Plate On C300

I’ve always struggled with mounting an Lectrosonics UCR411a receiver to my AF-100 and now C300. These cameras are small, and that 411a receiver is big and heavy. The smaller Sennheiser and Sony receivers are so much lighter and also come with cold shoe adapters that work very well to mount them to your camera. With the AF-100 I would take the grip off and attach it to a cold shoe that’s under the grip when its removed. Nice! The Lectrosonics UCR411a receiver is another story.  In fact I avoided using it because I couldn’t get a system that worked. Well now I can with this Bracket1 Quick Plate ($34.95) and Universal Mounting Plate ($34.95). You just screw the Universal plate on the mounting adater and attach it to the ball head. Done. I already had a small cold shoe ball head so I was good to go. This is such a simple clean solution and I like it a lot. When I need two wireless’s at the same time I just slip the Sony’s wire belt clip under the Velcro strap and it  holds it fine.

Universal Mounting Plate

1/4 20 Threaded Universal Mounting Plate

Quick Plate Universal accessory mounting adapter

Quick Plate universal accessory mounting adapter









With these three pieces I can easily add the wireless and start shooting. I leave the bracket on the Lectrosonics receiver and simply attach the ball head to the cameras cold shoe, and plug in the mic cable. So simple and fast. Another plus is the system is universal so if you want to attach a external recorder or other devices it should work fine just go to the website and find the right pieces that will work for you. Check out other camera solutions from Bracket1. They have many universal solutions for all your camera accessories, and they all seem very light so your not adding yet more weight to your rig. Another plus for me is Bracket1 is a San Diego company. Nice to support local businesses.

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Bracket1 On C300-4Bracket1 On C300 Bracket1 On C300-5

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  1. Well done Erik! I’m glad that my recommendation worked out for you. David Sousa at is always extremely helpful and continuously trying inventive ideas as new cameras hit the market. David’s a great resource!

  2. Really enjoy your blog by the way. No-nonsense, straight-forward, honest assessments, tips and tutorials without being a shill for the OEM.

  3. David Sousa says:


    Glad I could help with the gear. Thanks so much for the extended product write up.

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