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February 13, 20130 Comments

I’ve been using Noise Industry FXFactory plug ins for a while now with Final Cut Pro 7. I made the switch to Premiere Pro CS6 last year and have enjoyed the benefits of native editing. It really flies when you have the right setup. Mainly the CUDA graphics card. The one thing I missed was all those transitions I had. FXFactory wasn’t compatible with Premiere Pro yet.
Well now it is. Sort of. FXFactory 4.0.2 is but the transitions are not drag and drop like they used to be. I reached out to Noise Industries and they said the issue is that Adobe’s AE SDK does not support native transitions, or generators. It only supports filters at this time. We’re confident we’ll get a proper way to make transitions work from Adobe soon. Here is a video that shows how to use the transitions in Premiere Pro CS6. It’s not as easy and I will have to admit I dont use the transitions as often as I did because they aren’t as simple as dropping them in between two clips. It requires a bunch of extra steps. When I’m editing sweeps promos I need to get them done fast. Sweeps is a hungry beast and you need to keep the food coming. Another set of transition plugins I like and are a very good deal are from FilmImpact.

I hope Noise Industries will update the plug in package soon because I like using these transitions a lot. At least I did a while back.

Here is a tutorial on using FXFactory transitions in Premiere Pro CS6.

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