Manfrotto Fig Rig With the Canon C300

April 4, 20130 Comments

It’s promo time again! The last couple of days I’ve been shooting a new image spot for the morning show. The style is handheld so out comes the Fig Rig. I did a review of the Fig Rig a while back and wanted to show you how it worked with the C300. I was pretty sure it would fit but wasn’t positive since the camera with the handle is taller. Well, it works great! Check out the quick and dirty iPhone shot sample. Not the best way but it was all I had at the time.

Since the Fig Rig is so light I found it easy to set focus by holding the rig with the C300 pistol grip. Pop in with the magnification button set focus then grab the wheel. The camera was in the right position so focus was spot on. I do wish the C300 had the Push To Focus feature like the C100 but I digress. Since the LCD screen is so good on the C300 I didn’t need to add an external monitor. This is great! Keeps the rig lighter. I find myself using the Fig Rig a lot more these days because it’s so easy to use and I get steadier shots than not using it or even using a shoulder rig which gets to be a mess and usally makes the rig harder to keep steady. Okay. Back to work and finish this shooting this promo!

Happy shooting!

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