D-Pro Xtender Articulating Arms and Camera Accessories NAB 2013

April 17, 20130 Comments

The Xtender Articulating Arms was the first product for D-Pro. The light weight arm gets your on-camera light off the top handle and up and over a little to give a much more pleasing look to your subjects. D-Pro now has several new products to show off at NAB. Rod clamps with cold shoes and a friction mount for monitors. I use the friction mount a lot for my DP6. It works great on a light stand as well as on top of your camera with a light post. The friction mount keeps the monitor in place without constantly finger tightening with the knob. You just set it and forget it.

PNY Smart Active High Speed HDMI to HDMI Cable

DP6 On Friction Mount

The Xtender now comes in five different lengths. 2″, 4″, 5″, 11″, 19″ giving you many different options. So many different accessories can be attached from lights,mics and even a monitor. The arms can be attached to the cameras cold shoe or mounted to a 15mm rail clamp with a 1/4 20 or a cold shoe adapter. It’s very customizable so you basically can build the perfect system for your camera and needs.

11″ XTENDER Articulating Arm

11″ XTENDER Articulating Arm

For more information on D-Pro Xtender products visit their website at thextender.com

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