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I’m thrilled that Alex Buono is bringing the Visual Storytelling Tour to San Diego. We don’t get filmmaking seminars here very often and I’m defiantly going to attend. The tour will be in San Diego on July 16th. Here are all the the locations and dates.

This is going to be a great seminar. Alex is best known for being in the film unit at Saturday Night Live. He does all the commercial parodies. Alex also is a DP for commercial,  feature and music videos. To learn more about Alex check out his bio here.

Alex Buono

Alex Buono

Here is the workshop schedule.

Daytime Cinematography Workshop 8am-4pm

The Daytime Cinematography Workshop provides an on-set learning experience, giving you a behind-the scenes look at the process I use in my filmmaking.  I’ll show you how I deal with working in a fast turn-around environment like Saturday Night Live while still delivering my best work, so that you can do the same no matter what you shoot— from commercials, movies and documentaries to weddings, corporate videos and live events.

We’ll start the day with a short film script and totally break it down; I’ll show you how I scout locations, design shots, put together my lighting plans, and select my gear package.  Then we’ll actually shoot a few of the scenes. I’ll pull my crew from the audience and demonstrate exactly how I set up camera moves, light a master shot with matching coverage, and work with audio.  We’ll take the footage all the way through my normal on-set workflow, from the camera all the way to the edit using the latest footage management tools.  Finally, we’ll end with a look to the future of 4K delivery, discussing vital 4K considerations both on set and in post.

Hands On Hour 5pm-6pm

Between the Daytime Workshop and the Evening Seminar,  we’ll have a hands-on hour to give you interactive time with the gear.  We’re assembling some of the most buzzed-about new technology from NAB, including the new MōVI stabilized camera gimbal(!) along with the incredibly efficient Hive plasma-lights,  the latest rigs from Kessler Crane and the entire lineup of Canon Cinema-EOS cameras.  We will also have a 4K media management station setup so that you can walk through my workflow process for yourself.  This is the same gear that I use in my own work and that I will be using throughout the workshop so you’ll see how I work with it,  and then you’ll have the opportunity to try everything out for yourself.

The Evening Visual Structure Seminar 6pm-9pm

The Evening Visual Structure Seminar starts with an overview of all the tools and techniques that I’ve learned by shooting with both DSLRs and Cine-Style cameras at the SNL Film Unit.

Next up is Visual Structure—to me, this is what cinematography is all about.  Inspired by the ground-breaking work of visual consultant Bruce Block, you will learn how to identify and control the seven core visual components of any image:  SPACE, LINE, SHAPE, COLOR, TONE, MOVEMENT and RHYTHM.  Using examples from my own work as well as from my filmmaking heroes, you will learn how the visual masters of filmmaking use these techniques to create their signature styles: from Stanley Kubrick (one-point perspective), to David Fincher (control of tonal range); from the Coen Brothers (shape motifs) to Wes Anderson (flat space and limited color palette).

If these concepts affect you even a fraction of how they affected me, it will completely change the way you shoot and watch films.  With these principles, you will know how to enhance any visual storytelling experience – be that a movie, a commercial, a documentary, a wedding video—you name it.

This workshop is like film school in 12 hours. It’s going to be great! If you live in the San Diego area I urge you to attend. We need to support these type of events here so we can get more of them. The best way to stay on top of your game is to always be learning.

The full experience is $295 and includes.

  • The Daytime Cinematography Workshop

  • The Evening Visual Structure Seminar

  • The Cinematography Workshop DVD

  • The Visual Story textbook by Bruce Block

If you only are interested in the Daytime Cinematography Workshop that will cost $219.

If your only interested in the Evening Visual Structure Seminar then that will cost $79.

It’s going to be great and I hope to see you there!

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    This looks amazing. I hope I can make it. Thanks for the heads up Erik!

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